MVP Catalyst vs. Axiom Vanish

by Mandy Lee
An orange Axiom Vanish with a white stamp and a pink MVP Catalyst with black rim and black stamp, shot with studio lighting

Is there honestly anything better than throwing a monster bomb on a beautiful day and watching it eat yardage like it’s nothing at all?

If you’re working on improving your arm speed to bring your disc golf game to the next level, there are a few discs out there that will respond well to your efforts.

Ask any experienced disc golfer about fast distance drivers and they’ll regale you with their favorites- and if they’re a self-proclaimed “GYRO-head”, the conversation will most likely lead to a comparison between two popular beasts from the MVP and Axiom discs collections.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of comparing the MVP Catalyst vs. Axiom Vanish, two widely popular drivers (and for good reason).

MVP Catalyst vs. Axiom Vanish

The MVP Catalyst and Axiom Vanish laid flat and side by side on a white surface

MVP Catalyst

The MVP Catalyst is a favorite of many because of how accessible it is to reach those big distances.

This controllably understable distance driver has a nice, even dome and was introduced in the 23mm Distance class in July 2016. Drivers in this class have deeper cores than other MVP discs for extra glide. 

The Catalyst is molded with the same core and dome as the MVP Octane, which will give you additional glide for those big distance shots.

The MVP GYRO Overmold technology is a two-step molding process designed to put more weight on the outer plastic rim, which in turn increases inertia as the disc sustains flight through the air. 

Players love the Catalyst in Neutron plastic for its durability, grippiness, and reliability in all weather conditions. This premium polymer comes in a wide range of fluorescent opaque colors that make it easy to see in a variety of terrains. 

With a rim width of 2.4cm, high power throwers can utilize the Catalyst for rollers, tight turns, and anyhzers, while lower power players can still enjoy a strong glide.

The high-speed nature of this disc means if there isn’t enough power behind it, it can fade out on you. However, even when given low power, it is still extremely useful and consistent. 

This is a great disc to have if you’re working on your nose and release angles in the field, especially for hyzer flips. If you get it on the right release and flight path, you can put up some pretty big numbers.

If thrown into a headwind, it will still hold up decently well. If you get a nice tailwind, you’ll feel like time stands still watching this thing fly. It’ll give you good distance, but you will have to earn it as it does require a tad more initial high power energy due to its size. It’s just designed to be that way. 

Depending on the thrower, this could be a great disc for relatively intermediate players looking to build confidence in getting more distance due to its ability to hold a line with a reliable fade.

For those big monster throws, an MVP Catalyst could be the muscle in your bag that you’re looking for. If you’ve been playing for a while, this is the disc that will take you to the next plateau.

The MVP Catalyst is available in Proton, Neutron, and Plasma plastics in our store. Looking for more MVP discs? Check out our MVP disc golf discs collection today.

Axiom Vanish

You can find the Vanish in the 21mm class of GYRO drivers and is frequently referred to as the bridge between the MVP Wave and Orbital in terms of stability.

This disc will vary from stable to understable depending on the thrower and the weather conditions. With low power or in tailwinds, the Vanish’s stability profile makes it close to straight, but in headwinds or at higher power, it becomes more understable. 

Available in both Neutron and Proton plastic, you can expect the typical same great durability from Axiom discs as you get used to the feel of the Vanish. This disc would serve anybody who is dipping their toes into distance drivers to improve their disc golf game, and looking for something that has effortlessly great glide.

It does require some high arm speed which makes this disc not the most beginner-friendly. 

Enthusiasts have reported that an out-of-the-box Vanish will feel great thrown flat, but a nicely beat Vanish thrown with a hyzer will flip up and glide straight for ages. It can easily hit the 350’ range for intermediate throwers.

We recommend playing around with height to find your sweet spot to get as much distance out of it as possible. 

If you’re working on your forehand, flick the disc straight and flat with a good amount of height and see what distances you can get. When it turns over, it’ll stay that way but won’t fall onto its edge too quickly and turn into a roller.

Its predictability will help you build confidence with those mastering the big distances. There may be some high-speed turn to be expected with throwing this disc so be wary if you accidentally overpower it or encounter some strong wind conditions. 

This driver loves yardage and can tackle mild headwinds, but in calmer wind conditions, it's a great choice if you’re planning on some fieldwork. 

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Which One For You?

The MVP Catalyst and the Axiom Vanish laid upside down and side by side to show their rims

When it comes down to it, the popular opinion states that the MVP Catalyst is favored to be slightly faster than the Axiom Vanish.

However, do keep in mind that general opinions on finding a distance driver tend to hinge on the specific player, their arm speed, feel, and where they are on their disc golf journey. With the big distance potential between these two discs, you can’t go wrong with bagging either of them.

Both will give you ample opportunities to collect some easy distance, even if they're not the most beginner-friendly. Both are controllably understable.

But when it comes to the discussion of whether the MVP Catalyst vs. Axiom Vanish is going to serve you better on the course, just know the answer from us is a vehement “YES.”

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