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    2 products
    Discmania Neo Paradigm 169g Blue w/Blue Stamp
    Discmania Neo Paradigm 174g White w/Silver Stamp
    Discmania Neo Paradigm
    Discmania Primal Run Neo Paradigm 173g Orange w/Black Stamp
    Discmania Primal Run Neo Paradigm 173g Orange w/Black Stamp
    Discmania Primal Run Neo Paradigm

    Discmania Paradigm Review

    The Paradigm is a new release we have in stock from Discmania's "Evolution" line. This high-speed driver promises extreme glide and balanced flight characteristics for intermediate and advanced arms. This Discmania Paradigm review covers what to expect from this new driver for sale. 

    Discmania Paradigm Plastics

    Discmania partners with Latitude 64 to produce their Evolution line of discs. The plastics in this collection will be comparable to Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, and Westside Discs blends. 

    • Neo - A durable premium plastic that maintains a soft feel with a bit of flex. It has a slightly slick texture and a semi-translucent look. Similar to Latitude 64's Opto, Dynamic Discs' Lucid, and Westside's VIP blends.

    Discmania Paradigm Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 12
    • Glide: 6
    • Turn: -1.5
    • Fade: 2

    The Paradigm is a slightly understable driver that makes it relatively easy for intermediate-level players to throw maximum distance flex lines. When thrown flat, a reliable high-speed turn will flip it into an extended glide phase. Once it eats up a lot of distance, the gentle fade will bring the Paradigm hyzering back to the center. 

    If 350 feet is your maximum distance, this kind of disc can help you reach the 400-foot level. High-power players will get a lot more turn and significantly less fade from the Paradigm, making it more of a turnover or extreme hyzer-flip disc. It is a stable to overstable option for beginners and low-power players.


    • Diameter: 21.1cm
    • Height: 1.7cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.1cm
    • Rim Width: 2.1cm

    Like most understable distance drivers, the Paradigm has a shallow yet wide rim and some dome. The Paradigm has a 0.2cm thinner rim than the Enigma, which is its fellow 12-speed driver in the Evolution line. This gives it a more comfortable hand feel in most grips, making it a more throwable option in the Discmania lineup. 


    The 2023 release of the Paradigm is a step towards Discmania establishing a full array of distance drivers in their Evolution line of discs. It is a more understable counterpart to the popular 12-speed driver, the Enigma. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    The Paradigm best suits intermediate-level players looking for a workable distance driver. 

    • Novice: While it is too fast for true beginners, the Paradigm could fill the role of a stable distance driver for lower-power players.  
    • Intermediate: A workable distance driver that helps players at this level throw for big distance with less effort. 
    • Advanced: Understable distance driver for hyzer flips, turnovers, and long-panning flex lines. 
    • Pro: This new release has yet to appear in Discmania pro bags, but elite power arms will likely want a driver with less turn and a more aggressive fade.
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