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7 products

    7 products
    Latitude 64 Zero Medium Moonshine Glow Pure (Kristin Tattar)  174g White w/Blue Stamp
    Latitude 64 Zero Medium Moonshine Glow Pure (Kristin Tattar)  174g White w/Purple Stamp
    Latitude 64 Zero Medium Moonshine Glow Pure (Kristin Tattar)
    Latitude 64 Zero Hard Burst Dagger (Ricky Wysocki) 173g Purple-ish w/Blue Stamp
    Latitude 64 Zero Hard Burst Dagger (Ricky Wysocki) 173g Pink-ish Purple w/Teal Stamp
    Latitude 64 Zero Hard Burst Dagger (Ricky Wysocki)
    Latitude 64 Royal Grand Rive 173g Aqua w/Blue Stamp
    Latitude 64 Royal Grand Rive 173g Pink-ish w/Purple Stamp
    Latitude 64 Royal Grand Rive
    Latitude 64 Opto Compass XL (Handeye Supply) 179g Blue w/Green Stamp
    Latitude 64 Opto Compass (XL Handeye Supply)
    Latitude 64 Royal Sense Hope (First Run) 175g Orange w/Black Stamp
    Latitude 64 Royal Sense Hope (First Run) 175g Pink-ish Red w/Green Stamp
    Latitude 64 Royal Sense Hope (First Run)
    Latitude 64 Opto Compass 179g Blue w/Red Stamp
    Latitude 64 Opto Compass 175g Blue w/Purple Stamp
    Latitude 64 Opto Compass
    Lattitude 64 Opto Explorer 171g White w/Purple Stamp
    Lattitude 64 Opto Explorer 171g Pink w/Blue Stamp
    Latitude 64 Opto Explorer

    Swedish manufacturing behemoth Latitude 64° is named after the geographical location of the residential community Bergsbyn (located outside Skellefteå). The small community of Bergsbyn has produced 6 players that have won 2 Junior Worlds, 4 European Championships, 2 PDGA World’s Doubles between them. 

    Is there something in the water? Maybe. Or perhaps it’s because Bergsbyn is also home to Sweden’s most extensive disc golf course (Discgolf Terminalen), which has 36 world-class holes and has hosted 3 PDGA majors. Lat 64° is aptly named for its concentration of disc golf enthusiasts, and the people behind the Swedish magic are Tomas Ekström, Svante Eriksson, David Berglund, and Johan Åström.

    Lat 64°’s manufacturing facility also produces molds for Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs; together, the three of them are called The Trilogy. Plastic blends across these three brands are the same but have different names. Here’s a quick overview:

    L64 Retro/Retro Burst, DD Prime/Prime Burst, WD Origio/Origio Burst: This economically friendly plastic line is an excellent option for beginners looking to dip their toes in the game. It’s a softer plastic that beats in relatively quickly and is suitable for players who prefer that worn-in feel. Burst effect is available for Retro plastic in a few molds. 

    L64 Zero Hard/Medium/Soft/MegaSoft, DD Classic/Blend/Soft/SuperSoft, WD BT Hard/Medium/Soft/Megasoft: The Zero Line is a grippy plastic used for Lat 64’s putters and approach discs. This blend has an excellent grip and a range of hard-to-soft feels for players who like their options! The funky streaks in the Burst effect are available for Zero plastic in some limited runs.

    L64 Reprocessed, DD BioFuzion, WD Recycled: Lat 64’s Reprocessed plastic line is eco-friendly and created from flawed premium discs that have been ground down and repurposed. This plastic will make you feel good for being good to the earth!

    L64 Opto/Opto-X, DD Lucid, WD VIP: These premium plastics combine durability and grip in a translucent plastic that is eye-catching and feels good in the hand. Opto is available for all molds except for a few putters. Opto-X is a premium blend that is super stiff and has increased durability, ultimately giving a more overstable flight. Opto and Opto-X also have disc effects such as Chameleon (color shift) and Glimmer (a sparkling color shift).

    There are two additional variants of the Opto line:

    Moonshine: a more overstable, glow-in-the-dark option for nighttime play. 

    Air: has an injection of microbubbles for a lighter disc, but overall will have the same weight distribution as Opto and Gold line discs. It’s available for most drivers. 

    L64 Gold, DD Fuzion, WD Tournament: Lat 64’s opaque Gold line plastic is considered the top premium available plastic. Gold has an additional polymer for extra grip without sacrificing durability and uses the same blended mix for Opto plastic. Gold is only available for a few selected molds.

    L64 Frost Line, DD Fluid, WD Elasto: This flexible plastic blend is the go-to for those cold Swedish winters. It’s a transparent blend that is perfect for players who prefer flexible discs. To the touch, this plastic will feel sticky, but don’t fret- it won’t melt on a sunny day, either.

    Popular Latitude 64 discs include putters like the Dagger and Mercy, midranges like the Fuse, Compass, and Claymore, fairway drivers like the River, Explorer, and Saint Pro, and distance drivers like the Ballista and the Gladiator. 

    Current Lat 64 professionals include Kristin Tattar, Silver Lätt, JohnE McCray, Rebecca Cox, Lauri Lehtinen, and Keiti Tätte. 

    Latitude 64 continues to pump out exceptional, high-quality discs. They have recently become a co-owner with Stockholm-located disc golf company Kastaplast. With Kastaplast’s big seller being their plastics, we’re hoping to see some exciting things happen in the future!

    In the mood to shop but unsure what you’re in the market for? Check out our disc reviews right here and buy yourself a treat for later.

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