Discmania Splice

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    2 products
    Discmania Neo Splice 171g Pink w/Red Stamp
    Discmania Neo Splice 171g Blue w/Magenta Stamp
    Discmania Neo Splice
    Discmania Vapor Splice 173g Blue-ish w/Holo Stars Stamp
    Discmania Vapor Splice 173g Purple w/Rainbow Stamp
    Discmania Vapor Splice

    The Discmania Splice isn't designed for smashing distance records; it excels in providing an aggressive fade that utility shots often demand.

    Splice Flight Numbers:

    • Speed: 9
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 4

    The Splice is not a beginner-friendly disc. This thing is insanely overstable and mostly used for utility shots (like forehand rollers).

    A flat release yields a flight similar to that of a spike hyzer, making it a powerful disc for getting around obstacles.

    If you unleash it with an anhyzer, trust that the Splice will flex back reliably, offering consistent performance when you need to carve through the air with precision.

    This is the disc in your bag for those situations that require an unwaveringly steady finish, no matter how strong the headwinds or daunting the landscape.

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