Thought Space Athletics Muse

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    Thought Space Athletics Nerve Muse 174g Black w/Red Stamp
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    Thought Space Athletics Nerve Muse

    Thought Space Athletics Muse Review

    The Thought Space Athletics Muse is a putt and approach disc known for its straight release and dependable end fade. Technically, it's an overstable beauty, but don't let that fool you; it's got the kind of versatility that makes it a reliable pick from your bag, regardless of your throwing style or power.

    With a moderate speed rating of 3, the Muse boasts a flight that's all about fairness and predictability. Whether you're laying up for a birdie or straight up gunning for the chains, this disc provides the kind of performance that whispers confidence into every throw.

    Thought Space Muse Flight Numbers:

    • Speed: 3
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 2

    Muse Key Features:

    • Straight release with a reliable finish, perfect for punching through windy conditions
    • Stable, beadless putter that sits comfortably in the hand
    • Optimized for spin putters with its straight flight and push putters with its stability
    • Adept for use both on the green and as a trusted approach disc from further out
    • Nerve plastic that feels great in any weather, and as a bonus, comes with TSA's signature stamp design

    The Muse ensures consistency on the course, making it an essential tool for anyone striving for straightforward putts and controlled approaches. The disc's natural stability means it won't easily turn over or drift too far from where you aim, ensuring those putting rituals pay off more often than not.

    The thoughtful design, including the beadless edge combined with TSA's renowned Nerve plastic, provides a confident, tacky grip encouraging a clean release, rain or shine. And let's not overlook the eye-catching TSA stamps, which bring a burst of creativity to functionality—an emblem of the Muse's all-around brilliance.

    Summing up, the Thought Space Athletics Muse is a true workhorse in the arena of putt and approach discs. Given its unflinching stability and agreeable handling, the Muse is tailored to inspire confidence leading to lower scores and satisfying rounds.

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