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    2 products
    MVP Electron Ion 172g Electron Soft - Green
    MVP Electron Ion 172g Electron Firm - Green
    MVP Electron Ion (Cosmic, Soft, Medium, Firm)
    MVP R2 Neutron Ion 172g Black w/Silver Stamp
    MVP R2 Neutron Ion 170g Black w/Silver Stamp
    MVP R2 Neutron Ion

    MVP Ion Review

    Welcome to the epitome of MVP precision: the MVP Ion.

    The Ion is a staple in MVP's lineup of putters, boasting a beaded rim and a reputation for a stable to overstable flight pattern. A favorite for those seeking reliable performance from approach to chains, it melds high glide with just a touch of fade for a clean finishing curve.

    Designed with a thoughtful speed of 2.5, this putter encourages controlled, powerful putts without the risk of turning over too easily.

    Ion Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 2.5 | 3 | 0 | 1.5
    • Beaded rim design for consistency
    • Straight-stable flight with a subtle fade
    • A variety of plastic choices, including glow-in-the-dark Eclipse and soft Proton
    • Capable of holding lines with added power for longer putts and approaches

    The Ion is known for its dependable straight flight, proving itself as a versatile putter that can stand up to both high and low-power throws. Power putters and those needing a tad more stability than provided by the Anode will find solace in the Ion's design. Particularly in winds, where less stable discs might falter, the Ion secures its path with aplomb.

    Its range of plastic types increases its appeal; the Eclipse version adds a fun twist for nighttime play, while the Proton plastic offers a soft yet durable alternative. And regardless of the version, players value the Ion's ability to resist wobbly releases thanks to its optimal design.

    Whether you're a seasoned player fine-tuning your putter approach or a beginner looking for a trustworthy straight flyer, the MVP Ion is a disc that promises consistency, precision, and the confidence to throw more boldly.

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