Discraft Passion

3 products

    3 products
    Discraft ESP Passion 164g-166g Gray/Blue w/Holo Pattern Stamp
    Discraft ESP Passion 170g-172g Blue-ish w/Orange Confetti Stamp
    Discraft ESP Passion
    Discraft Big Z Passion 173g-174g Blue w/Transitional Stamp
    Discraft Big Z Passion 175g-176g Orange w/Blue Shatter Stamp
    Discraft Big Z Passion
    Sold Out
    Discraft ESP Swirl Passion (Reaper Edition) 167g-169g Berry w/Black Stamp
    Discraft ESP Swirl Passion (Reaper Edition) 170g-172g Unique w/Black Stamp
    Discraft ESP Swirl Passion (Reaper Edition)

    Harness the power of precision with the Discraft Passion fairway driver. Endorsed and designed by five-time world champion Paige Pierce, the Passion is a stable airway driver that's earned its place in the bags of both beginners and advanced players.

    Crafted with precision, the Passion impresses with a dependable straight flight and notable glide. It gives new players the ability to find their form effortlessly, offering a straight disc with a subtle reliable fade.

    For advanced players, the Passion becomes the go-to disc for precision placement, holding any line you place it on, making it a perfect choice for tunnel shots and longer approach shots.

    Featuring a unique flat outer rim and microbead, the Passion guarantees a comfortable grip and an effortless release; whereas, its speed of 8 brings a balance between control and distance, making it a versatile addition to any disc collection.

    Discover the game-changing dynamics of the Discraft Passion. With this disc in your hand, you're not just playing - you're performing with precision.

    Discraft Passion Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 8
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -1
    • Fade: 1

    Beginner Friendly?: Yes

    Disc Type: Fairway Driver

    Stability: Stable

    Plastics: Z, ESP, Big Z, ESP FLX

    Shot Types: Tunnel shots, straight drives

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