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    3 products
    Axiom Neutron Rhythm 173g White w/Silver Stamp
    Axiom Neutron Rhythm 163g Teal/Blue w/Silver Stamp
    Axiom Rhythm (Neutron)
    Axiom Fission Rhythm (Reaper Edition) 152g Blue w/Transitional Stamp
    Axiom Fission Rhythm (Reaper Edition) 172g Blue w/Transitional Stamp
    Axiom Fission Rhythm (Reaper Edition)
    Axiom Fission Rhythm 167g Blue w/Silver Stamp
    Axiom Fission Rhythm 162g Blue w/Silver Stamp
    Axiom Fission Rhythm

    Axiom Rhythm Review

    The straight-flying Rhythm is one of the most beginner-friendly fairway drivers we have in stock. It's generous turn, extended glide, and minimal fade make it a great first driver for new players. Experienced throwers can manipulate the Rhythm on hyzer-flip and turnover lines. In this Axiom Rhythm review we're breaking down one of Axiom's newest discs for sale. 

    Axiom Rhythm Plastics

    • Neutron: The "flagship" blend, this premium plastic combines supreme durability with moderate flex and solid grip. Discs fly truest to their flight numbers in Neutron.
    • Fission: This lightweight blend has air bubbles injected into the plastic. Besides creating super light discs for less powerful arms, this allows MVP to decrease the density of the flight plate relative to the rim, thus increasing the gyroscopic effect.

    Axiom Rhythm Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 7
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 1

    A combination of generous high-speed turn and gentle fade make the Rhythm a reliable shot-shaper for lower power players. Minimal speed and spin are required to get this driver cruising down the fairway. This is a great option for learning hyzer-flips or practicing controlled turnovers, and is among the best first drivers to give a newbie. 

    More experienced arms can use the Rhythm to carve up tight fairways in the woods. This driver allows bigger arms to dial back the power and prioritize gap-hitting without sacrificing glide and distance on the back end of the flight. Hit the Rhythm on the correct angle and you'll be rewarded with laser straight lines that have very little horizontal fade. 


    • Diameter: 21.2cm
    • Height: 1.5cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
    • Rim Width: 1.7cm

    The Rhythm is the first driver Axiom produced with 1.7cm rim, making it the first true 7 speed in the MVP family. These are standard dimensions for a fairway driver, and players of all hand sizes should be able to get a comfortable grip. It has a bit of dome on top, but nothing too extreme. The Rhythm's balanced design makes it easy to throw for players of all skill levels. 


    Released in 2021, the Rhythm is still a relatively new disc. It sits alongside the popular Crave in Axiom's beginner-friendly fairway driver category. Produced primarily in Neutron plastic, there are also special edition Fission Rhythms on the market. Time will tell if this understable fairway driver will gain a following.

    Skill Level Recommendations

    • Novice: One of the most beginner-friendly discs we have in stock, and an excellent introduction to the MVP/Axiom brand. 
    • Intermediate: Neutral to slightly understable driver that could be the centerpiece of the bag for lower-power players. 
    • Advanced: Reliable understable flight that is best for hyzer-flips, turnovers, and tight tunnel shots. 
    • Pro: Sponsored pros tend to prefer the slightly more stable Crave as their straight to understable fairway driver.
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