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    MVP Neutron Nitro 169g Slate w/Black Stamp
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    MVP Neutron Nitro

    MVP Nitro Review

    Experience the surge of the MVP Nitro, a high-octane distance driver.

    This power-demanding disc is built for speed and stability with a bias towards wind resistance and a formidable fade finish. It fits into the stability lineage of MVP's distance drivers, offering a turn-resistant flight that boasts maximum coverage on the fairway.

    The Nitro has an intimidating speed rating of 13, meaning it's created for those with a hefty arm speed, allowing for massive distance potential when fully powered.

    Nitro Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 13 | 4 | -0.5 | 3
    • Stable-overstable flight with a strong fade
    • High-speed requirement for maximum distance and glide
    • Well-suited for headwinds and power throwers
    • Domey design that provides a significant lift during a flight

    With its turn-resistant profile, the Nitro is a reliable option when thrown into headwinds or when a guaranteed fade is needed at the end of the flight. It's aimed towards more experienced players with the power to activate its deeper flight capabilities, resulting in a responsive and workable distance driver.

    For those looking to break into high-speed distance drivers, the Nitro may offer a graduate-level challenge. While it can cater to the throws of advanced arm speeds, it also finds utility among average throwers in more specific scenarios, such as tailwinds or when a stable line with a good finishing hook is necessary.

    As it seasons, the Nitro can develop into a farther-reaching driver as it gains some turn, making it an evolving tool in a player's suite of options. With its combination of speed and stability, the MVP Nitro is for players seeking to add a reliable, energetic disc to their distance game.

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