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    6 products
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    Innova Halo Tern (Halo Star Tern) 173g-175g Purple-ish w/Magenta Stamp
    Innova Halo Tern (Halo Star Tern) 173g-175g Blue w/Green Stamp
    Innova Halo Star Tern
    Sold Out
    Innova Ohn Scoggins Tour Series Tern 173g-175g Purple w/Purple Lasers Stamp
    Innova Ohn Scoggins Tour Series Tern 173g-175g Blue w/Green Stamp
    Innova Ohn Scoggins Tour Series Tern
    Innova Champion Glow Tern (Reaper Edition) 167g Glow w/Blue Stamp
    Innova Champion Glow Tern
    Innova GStar Tern (Reaper Edition) 173g-175g Slate w/Candy Corn Stamp
    Innova GStar Tern (Reaper Edition) 162g Purple w/Rainbow Stars Stamp
    Innova GStar Tern (Reaper Edition)
    Innova Star Tern (Reaper Edition) 172g Aqua Rainbow
    Innova Star Tern (Reaper Edition) 167g Mint w/Jellybean Stamp
    Innova Star Tern (Reaper Edition)
    Innova Luster Champion Tern (Reaper Edition) 173g-175g Slate w/Pink Stamp
    Innova Luster Champion Tern (Reaper Edition) 167g Green w/White Stamp
    Innova Luster Champion Tern (Reaper Edition)

    Innova Tern Review

    The Innova Tern is one of the most workable high-speed drivers we have in stock. Its generous turn and extreme glide gives lower-power players instant access to maximum distance flex shots. This Innova Tern review go over which Tern for sale is right for you.

    Innova Tern Plastics

    • Star: A durable yet flexible premium blend that improves with age. Star plastic discs will beat in slowly, generating extra glide and greater distance with every tree hit. A well-worn Star Tern will have exceptional glide. 
    • Halo Star: A stiffer version of Star with a two-toned color scheme that creates a "halo" effect around the outer rim. The Tern is significantly more stable in this plastic.  
    • G Star: Very gummy and flexible blend with outstanding grip. Discs generally fly more understable in this plastic. 
    • Champion: Stiff, slick, and opaque blend that has maximum durability. The Tern is significantly more stable in this plastic.
    • Champion Glow: Champion plastic that glows.

    Innova Tern Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 12
    • Glide: 6
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 2

    Innova assigns the Tern the maximum 6 glide rating. It hangs in the air longer than others in the high-speed distance driver category. Combine that with significant high-speed turn and a gentle fade, and you get a big distance bomber for hyzer-flip, turnover, and even roller lines. The ideal Tern line is a hyzer release that flips to a gliding anhyzer before finishing back to center. 

    Note that plastic blend will have a big effect on these flight numbers. The Tern had a -3 turn rating for years, but recent runs in Halo Star and Champion plastics have been assigned a more stable -2 rating. Beginners will have trouble getting a brand new Tern to flip and glide, but after a few months of heavy use it will transform into a workable big distance option. 


    • Diameter: 21.1cm
    • Height: 1.7cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.1cm
    • Rim Width: 2.3cm

    The Tern has the dome top and shallow rim that is common amongst understable maximum distance drivers. The 2.3cm rim width is alot to wrap the hand around, but it otherwise offers a comfortable backhand and forehand grip. 


    When it was released in 2012, the Tern replaced the much-maligned Groove as the go-to understable maximum distance driver in the Innova lineup. The later additions of the Katana, Shyrke, and Daedalus have crowded the category, but the Tern has stood the test of time and remains one of the company's most popular understable distance drivers. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    The Tern is a great distance driver for players with average power.

    • Novice: The Tern is a bit fast for true beginners to control. But after some experience, it is a solid introduction to the high-speed category. 
    • Intermediate: Excellent maximum distance option that could be an all-around workhorse for many players at this level.
    • Advanced: Great for maximum distance hyzer-flips, turnovers, and rollers. Best used as an understable compliment to a primary distance driver. 
    • Pro: A popular driver for FPO players. Top-five player Ohn Scoggins uses her signature Halo Star Tern when she needs some extra distance.