Prodigy X5 Distance Driver

2 products

    2 products
    Prodigy 500 X5 167g Pink w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy 500 X5 168g Yellow w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy 500 X5
    Prodigy 400 X5 167g Orange w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy 400 X5 166g Blue w/Reflective Stamp
    Prodigy 400 X5

    The Prodigy X5 is an understable, high-speed distance driver with a low profile, ideal for players of all skill levels. It offers great distance with added glide for those with lower arm speeds and can be thrown with a slight hyzer flip by moderate arm speed players. For players with faster arm speeds, it flips early in its flight path, turning to the understable side with a soft finish, making it useful for shot-shaping through wooded courses. It's also excellent for long, consistent rollers.

    The X5's unique rim design offers a comfortable grip, and the 300, 400, 400g, and 750 plastic versions offer a variety of feels and durability. Whether you're seeking max distance as a beginner, touch hyzer flips as a strong arm player, or an anny line holder in the woods, the X5 is a versatile addition to your game.

    Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 13
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -4
    • Fade: 1
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