MVP Watt Putter

2 products

    2 products
    MVP Neutron Watt (Reaper Edition) 170g Black w/Transitional Stamp
    MVP Neutron Watt (Reaper Edition) 172g Unique w/Transitional Stamp
    MVP Neutron Watt (Reaper Edition)
    MVP Neutron Watt 171g Aqua w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Watt 172g White w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Watt

    Step up your stable putter game with the MVP Watt. With glide that punches above its weight class, The Watt challenges norms and proves that even a full-weight putter can soar with grace. Its flight numbers — 2 | 5 | -0.5 | 0.5 — articulate this perfect synchronization of weight, speed, and glide.

    Drawing from its renowned cousins, the Ohm and the Pilot, the MVP Watt prides itself in its deep profile that ensures an unbeatable grip for driving off the tee.

    But the real magic resides in the predictable stability it presents. It will literally hold any line you put it on, every single time. This makes it a dependable ally for precise straight shots, beautiful turnovers, and confident driving putts.

    Whether you're a pro dazzling the crowd with your laser-straight lines or a novice on the cusp of discovering the allure of disc golf, the MVP Watt is your trusty companion.

    The Watt clearly illustrates that neutrality is far from boring, proving itself as the go-to, dependable straight stable putter time and time again. In your hand, the MVP Watt isn't just a disc, it’s a promise of grand performances on the disc golf course.

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