Discmania Essence - Understable Fairway Driver

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    Discmania Grateful Dead Chroma Essence 174g Pink w/Rainbow Shatter Stamp
    Discmania Grateful Dead Chroma Essence

    Discmania Essence Review

    The easy-to-throw Essence is one of the most beginner-friendly fairway drivers in stock and for sale. It is the perfect disc for lower-power players to add speed and distance without sacrificing control and accuracy. This Discmania Essence review will break down why this is an essential disc for beginners and intermediate-level players. 

    Discmania Essence Plastics

    Discmania splits its production between three different factories. The Essence is part of the "Evolution" line and gets molded up Latitude 64's facilities.  

    • Neo: A durable premium plastic that maintains a soft feel with a bit of flex. It has a slightly slick texture and a semi-translucent look. Similar to Latitude 64's Opto, Dynamic Discs' Lucid, and Westside's VIP plastic blends.
    • Meta: Extremely durable blend with a unique iridescent color that changes depending on lighting conditions. Similar hand feel and performance of Neo. Comparable to Latitude 64's Opto Chameleon blend.
    • Lux: A stiff and durable blend. Lux discs fly a bit more overstable, and maintain their original flight characteristics longer.

    Discmania Essence Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 8
    • Glide: 6
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 1

    With a reliable turn, extended glide, and minimal fade, the Essence is a neutral driver for beginners and an understable hyzer-flip machine for more experienced arms. While it is a prototypical "point-and-shoot" disc that can carve up tight wooded tunnels, the Essence also has enough speed and glide for long-distance flex shots on wide-open fairways.

    For intermediate-level players, the Essence is workable on a wide variety of lines. It pretty much does everything but hold a severe hyzer. Pair it with an overstable utility disc to cover virtually every shot shape in the 250-350 foot range. 


    • Diameter: 21.0cm
    • Height: 1.8cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
    • Rim Width: 1.8cm

    The Essence's relatively wide 1.8cm rim gives it some extra speed in the fairway driver category. Its moderate dome adds some extra glide while a slightly concave wing offers a comfortable hand feel on both the backhand and forehand sides. 


    After its 2020 debut the Essence became the one of the most popular drivers in Discmania's "Evolution" line of discs. It is comparable to the neutral FD in their "Originals" line, but with a bit more high-speed turn. Most Discmaniacs consider this to be the best beginner driver the company has produced. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    • Novice: Ideal disc for beginners learning to throw faster drivers on controlled straight lines. 
    • Intermediate: Versatile workhorse driver that really shines in the woods. Will fly very straight for players with moderate arm speed.  
    • Advanced: Understable finesse driver for hyzer-flips, turnovers, and rollers. 
    • Pro: Too understable to be more than a turnover/roller disc for elite power players. Sponsored pro Nate Perkins has a signature "Zen" Essence in Meta plastic.
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