Innova Polecat

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    3 products
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    Innova Halo Polecat
    Innova Halo Polecat  173g-175g Blue w/Red Stamp
    Innova Halo Polecat
    Innova Star Polecat (Reaper Edition) 173g-175g Blue w/Pink Flowers Stamp
    Innova Star Polecat 172g White w/Wonderbread Stamp
    Innova Star Polecat (Reaper Edition)
    Innova DX Polecat  175g Aqua w/Gold Stamp
    Innova DX Polecat  175g Aqua w/Silver Stamp
    Innova DX Polecat

    The famous Innova Polecat is the definition of a straight flying disc. Shop this stable putter here for low prices, fast shipping + reviews!


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