Discraft Cicada Fairway Driver

2 products

    2 products
    Discraft Z Cicada 175g-176g Blue-ish w/Gold Stamp
    Discraft Z Cicada 155g-159g Purple-ish w/Pink Hearts Stamp
    Discraft Z Cicada
    Discraft ESP Cicada 170g-172g Blue-ish w/Money Stamp
    Discraft ESP Cicada 164g-166g Green/Yellow Black Stamp
    Discraft ESP Cicada

    The Discraft Cicada is a stable fairway driver, perfect for hyzer flips and controlled, straight flights. There are currently two versions of this disc: the ESP Cicada and the Z Line Cicada, both of which offer incredible grip and durability. This disc shines in the hands of players with slower arm speeds, unlocking significant distance potential.

    With its slender profile and flat flight plate, the Cicada may appear deceptively fast for its speed rating of 7. Its design—featuring a semi-gradual rim and blunt nose—caters to a variety of shots, from hyzer flips to standstills and flex shots. The Cicada also has a ton of glide, which helps get maximum distance even with a shallow rim.

    While it's less ideal for forehand throws and windy play, the Cicada's versatility is undeniable. It is a prime choice for backhand rollers and nuanced forehand touch shots in the woods. In the Discraft family, it finds its place between the Passion and the Sting, offering a reliable option for amateurs and a unique tool for experienced players seeking controlled turnovers.

    If you are looking for a stable, beginner-friendly driver, the Discraft Cicada is a great option to check out!

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