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    MVP Plasma Catalyst 172g Purple/Green w/Holographic Stamp
    MVP Plasma Catalyst 173g Cranberry w/Holographic Stamp
    MVP Plasma Catalyst
    MVP Neutron Catalyst 175g Purple w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Catalyst 172g Pink-ish w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Catalyst
    MVP Proton Catalyst 175g Orange-ish w/Black Stamp
    MVP Proton Catalyst 175g Pink w/Black Stamp
    MVP Proton Catalyst

    MVP Catalyst Review

    Explore new distances with the MVP Catalyst.

    This high-speed distance driver is all about accessibility and glide. Catering to a wide range of players, from beginners looking to expand their range, to advanced throwers seeking to shape long, controlled anhyzers or rollers, the Catalyst serves a multitude of roles. Its understable nature translates into ease of use, allowing players with less power to still achieve significant distance.

    The Catalyst boasts an impressive speed rating of 13, making it a prime candidate for those who desire to watch their drives soar further than ever before, with only a modest arm speed required.

    Catalyst Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 13 | 6 | -2 | 2
    • High-speed, understable flight pattern
    • Generous glide for maximum distance
    • Consistent performance, even for those with less power
    • Optimal for controlled rollers, sky anhyzers, and long turnover drives

    The Catalyst shines for those seeking to push the limits of their distance game without the need for overwhelming power. With a gentle initial turn and a reliable fade, it's the disc that evokes excitement and confidence on long, open holes.

    For those conversant with MVP's lineup, the Catalyst can be thought of as a longer version of the Wave, sporting a stability profile that makes it incredibly useful in a vast array of situations.

    Even more, its GYRO® rim technology assists in maintaining a straight flight before easing into its fade, rewarding players who have mastered controlled releases and are looking to exploit the disc's full potential.

    The Catalyst's substantial dome and the glide it provides make it a fantastic choice for achieving personal bests in distance without the necessity of mastering high-speed drivers.

    As a versatile workhorse in your bag, it promises to elevate your long-game to new heights, regardless of the wind conditions or the power behind the throw.

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