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    Clash Discs Steady Peach 175g Pink w/Gold Stamp
    Clash Discs Steady Peach 175g Pink w/Gold Stamp
    Clash Discs Peach (Steady)
    Clash Discs Sunny Peach Erika Stinchcomb 177g Chartreuse w/Blue Stamp
    Clash Discs Sunny Peach Erika Stinchcomb 174g Chartreuse w/Blue Stamp
    Clash Discs Sunny Peach Erika Stinchcomb

    Clash Discs Peach Review: Understable Midrange

    The Clash Discs Peach is a delightful addition to any disc golfer's bag, offering an engaging blend of understability and precision, perfect for both newbies and seasoned players. This midrange disc, with its notable flight characteristics, is a gem for those seeking controlled, curved lines on the fairway.

    Key Specifications:

    • Diameter: 21.40 cm
    • Height: 1.90 cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
    • Rim Width: 1.40 cm

    Flight Numbers:

    • Speed: 4
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 1

    Boasting a flippy nature, the Peach is ideal for executing those smooth S-Shots, where it gracefully turns over and flies to the right before gently fading back to the left as it slows.

    Its understability allows it to turn to the right during the high-speed portion of the flight for a right-hand backhand (RHBH) thrower. Yet, it's not as understable as one might think from the numbers alone, offering a reliable flight pattern even when thrown with considerable power.

    The Peach shines in a variety of throwing styles. It's a standout choice for executing Hyzer Flips, where thrown fast with a hyzer angle, it flips up and straightens out for a long, straight glide. Additionally, it's capable of handling Anhyzer angles where the disc's outside edge is tilted upward, perfect for those tricky shots needing a rightward bend in their flight path.

    For the creative player, the Peach is also great for rollers, where most of the distance comes from rolling the disc on the ground, adding a different dimension to your game. And, with a Fade of 1, it promises a gentle drift to the left at the end of its flight (for RHBH throwers), ensuring a predictable landing.

    The Clash Discs Peach, with its understable nature and versatile flight characteristics, is a must-have for those who value finesse and adaptability on the disc golf course. Whether you're threading tight wooded courses, seeking straight hyzer flips, or experimenting with rollers, the Peach is your go-to disc for creative and effective shot-making.

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