Kastaplast Svea Understable Midrange

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    5 products
    Kastaplast K1 Svea 178g Black w/Holographic Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Svea 178g White w/Chrome Stamp
    Kastaplast Svea - K1
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    Kastaplast K1 Svea (Reaper Edition) 175g Gray w/Chrome Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Svea (Reaper Edition) 175g Gray w/Blue Shatter Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Svea (Reaper Edition)
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    Kastaplast K1 Soft Svea 174g Pink w/Blue Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Soft Svea 177g+ Egg Shell w/Chrome Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Soft Svea
    Kastaplast K1 Glow Svea 177g Glow w/Blue Shatter Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Glow Svea 178g Glow w/Blue Shatter Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Glow Svea
    Kastaplast K3 Hard Svea 174g Lilac w/Blue Stamp
    Kastaplast K3 Hard Svea 174g Yellow w/Red Stamp
    Kastaplast K3 Hard Svea

    Kastaplast Svea Review

    The beginner-friendly Svea is a finesse midrange with maximum glide and minimum fade. It's one of the best discs we have in stock for straight tunnel shots, long-panning turnovers, and gentle hyzer-flips. Read this Kastaplast Svea review to find out if this disc for sale is right for you. 

    Kastaplast Svea Plastics

    Disc aficionados revere Kastaplast for its comfortable yet durable plastic blends. Every company claims it has the highest-quality plastic, but in the case of Kastaplast, it may be true. 

    • K1: Combines exceptional durability with a soft and grippy feel. While many premium plastics have a stiff and slick texture, Kastaplast threads the needle to produce an ultra-tough blend that maintains some flex and a comfortable hand feel.
    • K1 Soft: A gummy and flexible blend with exceptional grip in all weather conditions.
    • K1 Glow: A bright and long-lasting glow that will stay lit for several holes of night golf. 
    • K3: The "base" plastic blend. It is less durable but has a superior grip.

    Kastaplast Svea Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 5
    • Glide: 6
    • Turn: -1
    • Fade: 0

    The Svea is the perfect disc for learning straight lines and pure turnovers. The stunning lack of low speed fade keeps it gliding on the intended line all the way to the ground. Power up on it a bit and the Svea will easily hyzer flip to flat and drift to the anhyzer side. This makes it a great training tool for beginners, and a workhorse turnover disc for players with low arm speed. 


    • Diameter: 21.9cm
    • Height: 2.1cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.3cm
    • Rim Width: 1.3cm

    The Svea's very wide diameter, high dome, and blunt rounded edge add up to a slow and floaty flight. These same characteristics make it feel tall in the hand, and it has been described as bulky and uncomfortable for some players. This is essentially a backhand-only disc, as it feels odd in the forehand grip and lacks the high-speed stability to absorb sidearm snap. 


    Released in 2020, the Svea joined the Göte in Kastaplast's neutral to understable midrange category. They share the same wide diameter deep-dish shape. In fact, they have identical listed dimensions. The slightly more stable Göte is better for intermediate to advanced players, while the Svea is ideal for true beginners. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    • Novice: Ideal first disc for a brand new player. Excellent straight flier at low speeds. 
    • Intermediate: Great for controlled turnovers, particularly for players who lack a forehand shot. Great finesse midrange for heavily wooded courses. 
    • Advanced: A niche disc that plays a complimentary role in the bag. Lacks versatility to be a workhorse mid. 
    • Pro: Not stable or versatile enough for elite arms.
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