About Us

A photo of Aaron the owner of Reaper Disc Supply

Hi, I'm Aaron, the guy who runs Reaper Disc Supply.

First off, thank you for checking out my site. There are a ton of other outstanding online disc golf shops, so I appreciate you taking the time to check out mine.

I started reaperdiscs.com in 2020 and initially planned on only selling apparel. There weren't many brands selling cool disc golf merch, so I started designing my own.

The name Reaper Discs actually came to me in a dream. Once I learned that the Latin root of the name translated to 'speed, power and prosperity,' I knew it was the perfect name for my brand.

Just kidding. Grim reapers are just dope.

I got a few of my designs stamped on some discs, so I decided to add them to the site. The discs quickly started outgrowing the apparel, and before I knew it, I had over 20,000 discs in stock.

I have been fortunate to work with some extremely talented content creators, but aside from those positions, I basically run all the day-to-day stuff. So if you accidentally receive the wrong disc in your order, now you know who to blame. ;)

I care a lot (borderline obsess) about the customer experience for my brand and want to make it as rad as possible. From the packaging to the stickers I add to every order, I run the shop exactly how I would like it to be run if I were a customer, and I don't plan on changing that.

If you have any questions about your order, shopping experience, or just want to ask me a question, you can always use our contact us page (I try to respond quickly.)

The Reaper Team

Aaron S. | Owner

Aaron Seminoff owner of Reaper Disc Supply

Sup, my name is Aaron and as you learned earlier I am the owner of Reaper Disc Supply. I run all the day-to-day operations and get very little sleep. When I'm not working on Reaper I'm usually spending time with my two rescue dogs Link and Zelda. PDGA | LinkedIn

Christian Riley | Content Creator

A photo of Christian Riley throwing a disc for Reaper Disc Supply

What’s up, everyone, I’m Christian. I have been playing disc golf competitively since late 2017, and working with Reaper Disc Supply since 2022.

I am from Southern Ohio, and have come up playing the wild woods courses of the area. Travelling and playing are my not-so-secret obsessions, and I find any excuse to go to new places to play tournaments. From Idlewild in the East to LVC in the West, local doubles leagues to Majors, and everything in between, I love every aspect of competing.

Working with Reaper has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had, and I am looking forward to continuing to put out content and reviews for this awesome brand. Link to PDGA profile.

Denis Flaschner | Writer

Denis is a professional disc golfer living in San Francisco, California. He is our main writer and editor and is responsible for most of the disc reviews and blog content. You can check out his PDGA profile here and his Disc Golf Scene profile here.