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    MVP Neutron Energy 172g Stone w/Black Stamp
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    MVP Neutron Energy

    MVP Energy Review

    Confront the winds with confidence using the MVP Energy.

    This distance driver is the quintessence of overstability in MVP's lineup. Crafted for those who respect raw power and wind-cutting prowess, the Energy excels when unleashed by the strong-armed player. It offers minimal turn with a forceful, dependable fade at the end of its flight.

    The Energy boasts a commanding speed rating of 13, setting expectations for a distance driver that remains unfazed by the most rigorous of winds, and promising a stable journey down the fairway.

    Energy Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 13 | 4 | 0 | 4
    • Most overstable of the 23mm high-speed disc series
    • Designed to resist power and headwinds for predictable flights
    • Favored by powerful throwers for max distance with stability
    • Large rim size and GYRO™ technology aid in performance

    Notably, the Energy demands a powerful throw to show its full capabilities. When delivered with strength, it carries a long straight flight before its significant fade comes into play, making it ideal for both forehand and backhand players who can harness the energy it requires.

    This driver is not for the faint of arm. It’s a stalwart for utility rolls, powerful spikes, and the moments when course structure calls for a disc capable of aggressive fade and wind resistance. For those equipped to handle its demands, the MVP Energy promises a steadfast presence and formidable performance in their disc golf repertoire.

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