Prodigy MX-1 Overstable Midrange

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    1 product
    Prodigy MX-1 400 173g Blue w/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy MX-1 400 176g Pink w/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy MX-1 400

    The Prodigy MX-1 is an overstable midrange disc designed to resist turning over, even when faced with the most powerful of throws and gusty conditions.

    Its trustworthy flight pattern holds a line before asserting a strong fade as it decelerates, lending itself to confident approaches and wind management. The MX1 is distinctly reliable for players who need a disc that won't betray them mid-flight, instead consistently delivering the intended path.

    With a feel similar to a beaded disc without the bead and a slightly smaller diameter, it offers a unique in-hand feel that many players find comfortable and secure. Whether launched on a backhand or forehand line, the Prodigy MX 1 's stability shines, solidifying its role for strategic placements where precision is non-negotiable.

    Prodigy MX-1 Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 5
    • Glide: 2
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 4
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