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    Let's dive into the world of the Lone Star Discs Chupacabra, a disc that has quickly become a trusted companion for those shots where predictability is key. Right out of the gate, you'll notice the Chupacabra's overstable nature and the confidence it instills. Whether you're dealing with a headwind or planning a strategic fade, this disc won't let you down.

    When you're ready to unleash it, the Chupacabra's hard-fading hook at the end of the flight is an absolute delight, perfect for when you need that disc to fight back against an anhyzer angle. It's like having a secret weapon in your bag that consistently performs—no surprises, just that satisfying fade every time.

    Now, the feel in the hand is something to talk about. With a substantial, beefy profile, it reminds you of those overstable runs of Firebird that many players adore. The high shoulder and the middle dome offer a comfortable grip for both backhand and forehand shots, making it versatile and ready for action.

    Speaking of action, let's get into the flight. The Chupacabra will not be your distance champion, but that's not its role. Instead, it promises and delivers a powerful wind fight and a fade you can count on, throw after throw. The Glow version might give you a bit straighter flight before its fade, while the Bravo version stays true to its overstable heart.

    If your style includes forehand throws, the Chupacabra shines with its ability to handle power and deliver that large, pushing skip you're looking for—all without the worry of turning it over. And for those of you who enjoy a good NASCAR reference, this disc is all about speed and turning left when thrown backhand with some gusto.

    In conclusion, the Chupacabra, available in both Bravo and Glow plastic, is the disc you reach for when the conditions call for an unwavering fade. It's not just another disc; it's a reliable tool that brings control and trust to your game, especially when the course throws its challenges at you. Whether you're a player who deals with fierce winds or simply needs a disc that offers certainty in flight, the Chupacabra might just become the unsung hero of your bag.

    Lone Star Chupacabra Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 9
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 4

    Chupacabra Dimensions

    • Height: 1.6 cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
    • Rim Thickness: 2.0 cm
    • Diameter: 21.2 cm
    • Flexibility: 7.16 kg
    • Max Weight: 176.0 gr
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