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    MVP Neutron Soft Glitch 147g Black w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Soft Glitch 146g Smoke w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Soft Glitch
    MVP Neutron Soft Glitch (Reaper Edition) 150g Slate w/Transitional Stamp
    MVP Neutron Glitch (Reaper Edition) 149g Red-ish w/Red Sparkles Stamp
    MVP Neutron Soft Glitch (Reaper Edition)

    MVP Glitch Review

    The Glitch is one of the newest MVP discs we have in stock. This unique putt and approach disc has a classic "lid" shape reminiscent of a catch frisbee. Its slow and floaty flight is excellent for controlled upshots, and perfect for a pre-round game of catch. This MVP Glitch review will help you decide if the Glitches we have on sale are right for you.

    MVP Glitch Plastics

    • Neutron Soft: The "flagship" blend, this premium plastic is stiffer and slicker than MVP's baseline Electron plastic. The Glitch has only been released the "Soft" version, perhaps to make it easier on the hands during a pre-round game of catch. 
    • Eclipse Rim R2: MVP's Eclipse blend is the brightest and longest-lasting glow plastic on the market. In a special run of the Glitch, they debuted a design feature where only the rim is Eclipse plastic, while the "core" or "flight plate" is recycled plastic called R2.

    MVP Glitch Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 1
    • Glide: 7
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 0

    No, that's not a typo. MVP assigned the Glitch a 7 glide. After a few throws, it's hard to argue with it. This thing just hangs in the air, seemingly in slow motion, before it gently falls to the ground. It will hold a hyzer with a severe enough angle, but the Glitch mostly wants to fly flat and straight. It also excels on gentle anhyzer lines, but don't expect it flex back to center.

    As an all-around putt and approach disc