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    MVP Matrix Neutron
    MVP Neutron Matrix  172g White w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Matrix
    MVP Electron Matrix 171g Salmon w/Black Stamp
    MVP Electron Matrix 171g Pink w/Black Stamp
    MVP Electron Matrix
    MVP Proton Matrix (Reaper Edition)

    MVP Matrix Review

    Dive into reliable midrange territory with the MVP Matrix.

    This disc is engineered to provide a balanced flight that can handle a variety of power levels and situations without losing its composure. Described by some as a longer Axiom Envy, its stability is noticeable without being overwhelming, achieving a smooth glide and a steady fade toward the end of its flight.

    It has modest speed specs at 5, making the Matrix a preferred choice for controlled midrange shots where accuracy is as valuable as distance.

    Matrix Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 5 | 4 | -1 | 2
    • Moderately overstable with reliable performance
    • Resistant to turnover with varied power throws
    • Capable of a range of shots from anhyzer to hyzer
    • Comfortable in hand with a flat top and unique beveled rim

    Players consistently rave about the Matrix's predictable flight pattern, capable of holding lines with finesse or powering through with a reliable hyzer finish. It's that midrange disc you can trust to remain steady in the wind, delivering that desirable consistent fade even as it handles different release angles effortlessly.

    The disc has a distinct feel due to its beveled wing and slightly smaller diameter, making it notably comfortable for both forehand and backhand throws. The variety in plastic types, from the grippy Neutron to the durable Proton, allows players to select their preferred Matrix feel and response.

    Whether you're approaching the basket in a strong headwind, looking for a reliable hyzer mid, or executing precision turnovers, the MVP Matrix stands up to the task with grace and predictability, making it an essential addition to any player's bag.

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