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    MVP Neutron Orbital

    MVP Orbital Review

    Embrace the understable flight of the MVP Orbital, a distance driver for players seeking to shape their shots with ease.

    Designed for players with moderate power or those looking to master turnover shots and rollers, the Orbital stands out with its exaggerated understable nature. This makes it an excellent disc for maximizing distance potential through hyzer flips or sky turns when thrown with precision.

    With its high-speed rating of 11, the Orbital is swift enough to carve out lengthy distances while its understability provides a helpful flight path for finesse shots and low-powered throws.

    Orbital Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 11 | 5 | -4.5 | 1
    • Extremely understable, making it great for hyzer flips and rollers
    • Best suited for players with lower arm speeds or those needing turnover shots
    • Can achieve significant distance when thrown correctly
    • Useful for various finesse shots, including low ceiling shots and anhyzers

    The Orbital excels in its capacity to flip up flat from a hyzer release and turn steadily, providing distance for players who may not have the fastest arm speed. Advanced players will find the Orbital useful for specialized throws, such as rollers, sky turns, and long, sweeping anhyzer drives.

    Its predictable high-speed turn can be reliably used to navigate through tight corridors or around obstacles, making the Orbital a strategic addition to any disc golfer's bag. With its unique understability, it offers an accessible entry point for newer players to develop their throwing techniques while still holding a place as a utility disc for more experienced golfers.

    In essence, the MVP Orbital is a disc that unlocks new shot possibilities and extends the range for players looking to expand their technical horizons on the course.

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