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    4 products
    Kastaplast K1 Lots 165g Blue w/Oil Slick Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Lots 165g Hot Pink w/Blue Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Lots
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    Kastaplast K1 Hard Lots (Joey B) 174g Gold w/Chrome Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Hard Lots (Joey B) 173g Pink w/Chrome Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Hard Lots (Joey B Tour Series)
    Kastaplast K1 Lots (Reaper Edition) 170g Blue w/Red Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Lots (Reaper Edition) 170g Blue w/Rasta Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Lots (Reaper Edition)
    Kastaplast K1 Glow Lots 175g Glow w/Gold Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Glow Lots 175g Glow w/Gold Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Glow Lots

    Kastaplast Lots Review

    The Lots is a do-it-all stable driver for players of all skill levels. This well-balanced disc provides excellent control with speed and distance upside. It is one of the best molds in stock for transitioning from fairway to distance drivers. This brief Kastaplast Lots review provides a snapshot of this versatile disc for sale. 

    Kastaplast Lots Plastics

    Disc aficionados revere Kastaplast for its comfortable yet durable plastic blends. Every company claims it has the highest-quality plastic, but in the case of Kastaplast, it may be true. 

    • K1: Combines exceptional durability with a soft and grippy feel. While many premium plastics have a stiff and slick texture, Kastaplast threads the needle to produce an ultra-tough blend that maintains some flex and a comfortable hand feel.
    • K1 Glow: A bright and long-lasting glow that will stay lit for several holes of night golf.

    Kastaplast Lots Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 9
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -1
    • Fade: 2

    The Lots has excellent straight-line distance potential, but can also be manipulated on sweeping hyzer and long-panning turnover lines. This is a classic stable fairway driver that can be thrown on almost any hole on the course. The high-speed turn and extended glide give it plenty of workability in the mid-flight, while the low-speed fade keeps it finishing on a reliable hyzer. 

    These flight characteristics make the Lots a shot-shaping machine. It has just enough turn to flip to flat on a hyzer release and ride out straight through the glide phase. This supreme control will carve up tunnel shots in the woods, while the 9-speed rating adds some distance potential on wide-open fairways. 


    • Diameter: 21.1cm
    • Height: 1.5cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.1cm
    • Rim Width: 1.9cm

    The Lots' balanced design gives it a neutral profile that will be comfortable in any player's hands. The 1.9cm rim width adds some extra speed without sacrificing control and accuracy. Despite the listed height of 1.5cm, the Lots has some dome on top. Overall this is a medium profile driver with standard measurements. 


    Released in 2020, the Lots rounded out Kastaplast's fairway driver category. It fits between the understable Falk and the overstable Stal on their flight chart, and fits the mold of a flagship control driver that every company needs. Much like the Innova Thunderbird or Discraft Undertaker, the Lots is the kind of disc to build a bag around. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    • Novice: Overstable utility driver for low-power players.
    • Intermediate: Excellent control with speed and distance upside. 
    • Advanced: Potential centerpiece of the bag. Covers virtually every shot shape in the 300-400 foot range. 
    • Pro: Sponsored pros Scott Stokely and Charlie Goodpasture both have a tour series Lots in the bag.
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