Innova Wraith Disc Golf Driver Review

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    6 products
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    Innova Halo Glow Wraith (HALO-Ween) 173g-175g Orange w/Purple Stamp
    Innova Halo Glow Wraith (HALO-Ween) 173g-175g Orange w/Purple Stamp
    Innova Halo Glow Wraith (HALO-ween)
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    Innova Halo Star Wraith 173g-175g Teal w/Purple Stamp
    Innova Halo Star Wraith 173g-175g Teal w/Purple Stamp
    Innova Halo Wraith
    Innova Star Wraith (Reaper Edition) 161g Blurple w/Blue Holo Stamp
    Innova Star Wraith (Reaper Edition) 146g Blue w/Jellybean Stamp
    Innova Star Wraith (Reaper Edition)
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    Innova Star Wraith 168g Purple w/Silver/Black Stamp
    Innova Star Wraith 167g Blue w/Rainbow Star Stamp
    Innova Star Wraith
    Innova GStar Wraith (Reaper Edition) 173g-175g Blue w/Orange-ish Stamp
    Innova GStar Wraith (Reaper Edition) 173g-175g Blue-ish w/Silver Stamp
    Innova GStar Wraith (Reaper Edition)
    Innova I-Dye Champion Wraith (Reaper Edition) 168g Dye w/Black Stamp
    Innova I-Dye Champion Wraith (Reaper Edition) 170g Dye w/Black Stamp
    Innova I-Dye Champion Wraith (Reaper Edition)

    Innova Wraith Review

    The iconic Innova Wraith is one of our most popular drivers in stock. It is fast but controllable. It is stable but not a meathook. It is workable but predictable. The Wraith is truly one of the best all-around discs in the sport. This Innova Wraith review provides an overview of all the Wraiths we have for sale.

    Innova Wraith Plastics

    • Star: A durable yet flexible premium blend that improves with age. Star plastic discs will beat in slowly, generating extra glide and greater distance with every tree hit. A well-worn Star Wraith will have a lot of turn and glide. 
    • Halo Star: A stiffer version of Star with a two-toned color scheme that creates a "halo" effect around the outer rim. The Wraith is significantly more stable in this plastic, with the Garret Gurthie Tour Series being the most overstable version on the market.
    • G Star: Very gummy and flexible blend with outstanding grip. Discs generally fly more understable in this plastic. A G Star Wraith is a great beginner distance driver. 
    • Champion: Stiff, slick, and opaque blend that has maximum durability. The Wraith is significantly more stable in this plastic.
    • Champion Glow: Champion plastic that glows.
    • DX: A baseline blend with excellent grip, low durability, and a cheap price. It is popular for putters and midranges, but is not recommended for wide-rimmed drivers. 
    • Pro: This blend has more durability than DX, but is not as tough as Star or Champion. A brand new Pro Wraith will fly according to the flight numbers.

    Innova Wraith Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 11
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -1
    • Fade: 3

    The Wraith has an ideal combination of high-speed workability, extended glide, and reliable fade. When released with a bit of hyzer, the -1 turn will flip it to flat and the 5 glide will help it ride out straight. A flat throw will yield some mid-flight anhyzer drift with a nice fade back to center. It is also versatile enough to hold pure hyzers for long distances. 

    In short, this disc flies like a supercharged fairway driver, allowing for precise lines with accurate finishes. The Wraith also improves with age, as wear and tear will increase the glide phase and minimize the fade. This makes it one of the best straight-line high-speed drivers in the world. A perfectly seasoned Wraith will fly 350+ feet on a frozen rope before finishing on a gentle hyzer. 


    • Diameter: 21.1cm
    • Height: 1.4cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
    • Rim Width: 2.1cm

    The Wraith's 2.1cm rim width is hefty enough to give it a lot of speed, but not so wide as to be uncomfortable in the hand. It fits perfectly in both backhand and forehand grips. Note that the very low listed height of 1.4cm is not accurate. Most runs have a medium-sized dome on top, but there has been a lot of variance over the years. 


    When it was released in 2005, the Wraith was the fastest and furthest-flying disc in Innova's history. It was a huge leap forward in disc technology, and was their first true maximum-distance driver. Nearly 20 years later, this classic mold has yet to be improved upon. The Wraith remains one of the most popular drivers in the sport. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    The Wraith is an all-around workhorse that benefits players of all skill levels, though advanced arms will be able to maximize its versatility. 

    • Novice: A solid introduction to the high-speed driver category, particularly in lighter weights. Beginners won't get very much turn and glide out of the Wraith, but can instead use it as an overstable option. 
    • Intermediate: Potential centerpiece of the bag for players at this skill level. A versatile option that you can build around. 
    • Advanced: One of the best straight-flying high-speed drivers on the market. Fantastic for hyzer-flips, subtle flex lines, and low-ceiling screamers. The perfect combination of speed, distance, and accuracy. 
    • Pro: Several prominent pros have used the Wraith over the years. The "Champ" Ken Climo had a signature Wraith for decades. Most recently, big distance bomber Garrett Gurthie put his name on the Halo Star Wraith.
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