Kastaplast Krut

3 products

    3 products
    Kastaplast K1 Krut 171g Aqua w/Blue Shatter Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Krut 173g Aqua w/Purple Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Krut
    Kastaplast K1 Glow Krut
    Kastaplast K1 Hard Krut (Luke Samson) 176g Gold w/Purple Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Hard Krut (Luke Samson) 174g Gold w/Purple Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Hard Krut (Luke Samson)

    Kastaplast Krut Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 12
    • Glide: 4
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 4

    Beginner Friendly?: No, better for experienced players.

    Disc Type: Distance Driver

    Stability: Stable to overstable

    Plastic: Premium Kastaplast Plastic

    Shot Types: S-line distance shots, forehand and backhand drives.

    Meet the Kastaplast Krut, your secret weapon for overstable distance drives. Boasting high speed and a consistent fade, the Krut excels in offering phenomenal S-line distance shots. Well suited for seasoned players, its reliable fade guarantees a steady, wind fighting flight path.

    Perfect for both forehand and backhand drives, the Krut requires a lot of arm speed, making it a less attractive option for beginners.

    Unleash your full potential with Kastaplast's Krut from Reaper Disc Supply - where we facilitate your passion for disc golf.

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