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    Thought Space Athletics Nerve Alter 173g Black w/Rasta Stamp
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    Thought Space Athletics Nerve Alter

    Thought Space Athletics Alter Review

    The Thought Space Athletics Alter is the maiden beaded putter from Thought Space Athletics, designed to offer a consistent and reliable tool for both putting and approach shots. An embodiment of stability and control, the Alter is poised to become a steadfast companion on the course, from tee to chains.

    With a speed of 3, this putter boasts a stable flight that holds its line well and finishes with a predictable fade. Its flat top and beaded design cater to a tactile experience that promotes confident grip and clean execution.

    Thought Space Alter Flight Numbers:

    • Speed: 3
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 1

    Alter Key Features:

    • Stable flight for reliable putting and precise approach shots
    • Beaded rim for better hand fit and release control
    • Molded in premium Nerve plastic for exceptional grip and durability
    • Flat top profile appealing to those who favor a more level putter plane
    • Artistic and imaginative stamp designs typical of TSA's creative approach

    The Alter's performance truly shines in the circle, where its unyielding flight pattern reads like a trusted narrative—straight with a slight fading note at the end. On the teepad or fairway, it exhibits an unwavering trajectory, which can be relied upon for shots that require accuracy over distance. This stability also lends itself well to various weather conditions, maintaining its course integrity even when the wind is an unpredictable player.

    When cast in Nerve plastic, the Alter provides resilient grip that performs remarkably in various environmental conditions and feels substantial in the hand. Paired with TSA's distinctive artwork, this putter is not only functional but also a standout aesthetic piece in any disc golfer’s collection.

    Soo, the Thought Space Athletics Alter is much more than a disc—it's a golfing companion that offers confidence and performance from the green to the fairways and back again. Whether for the seasoned professional or the enthusiastic weekender, the Alter is primed to become an essential item on every scorecard trip.

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