Innova Beast Disc Golf Distance Driver

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    5 products
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    Innova Halo Beast 173g-175g Silver w/Purple Stamp
    Innova Halo Beast 173g-175g Silver w/Purple Stamp
    Innova Halo Beast
    Innova Halo Star Beast (Reaper Edition) 164g Blue w/Rainbow Stamp
    Innova Halo Star Beast (Reaper Edition) 170g Pink-ish w/Red Digital Stamp
    Innova Halo Star Beast (Reaper Edition)
    Innova Champion Beast 170g Berry w/Burgundy Stamp
    Innova Champion Beast (Reaper Edition) 163g Purple-ish w/White Stamp
    Innova Champion Beast
    Innova GStar Beast (Reaper Edition) 165g Blue w/Holo Dots Stamp
    Innova GStar Beast (Reaper Edition) 173g-175g Green w/Jellybean Stamp
    Innova GStar Beast (Reaper Edition)
    Innova Star Beast (Reaper Edition) 168g Purple w/Holo Dots Stamp
    Innova Star Beast (Reaper Edition) 167g Blue w/Holo Dots Stamp
    Innova Star Beast (Reaper Edition)

    Innova Beast Review

    • Versatile distance driver for all skill levels
    • Stable flight with high-speed turn
    • Reliable and controllable performance
    • Suitable for maximum distance shots
    • Excellent for turnovers and tailwind throws
    The Innova Beast is a go-to distance driver that offers exceptional versatility and impressive distance potential. Whether you're an intermediate player looking to up your game or an experienced player seeking a reliable disc that can handle a variety of shots, the Beast is an excellent choice.

    Featuring a flight rating of 10/5/-2/2, the Beast combines speed, stability, and glide to deliver impressive performance on the course. Its high-speed turn allows for long turnover shots and impressive distance, while the moderate fade at the end ensures a controlled and accurate finish. This makes the Beast an ideal choice for players who want to maximize their distance potential and finesse their shots with precision.

    Crafted with a mix of durability and grip, the Beast is available in various plastic options, including Halo Star, Star, GStar, Champion, Blizzard, Pro, Glow, and DX. Each plastic type offers its own unique feel and flight characteristics, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your playing style.

    The Beast excels in a variety of throwing styles, making it suitable for both backhand and forehand throws. Its versatility shines through, whether you need to power through a long, straight shot, navigate tight wooded fairways, or throw in tailwind conditions. With the Innova Beast in your arsenal, you'll have a confidence-inspiring disc that's ready to elevate your game.

    Unleash your full potential on the course with the Innova Beast. Experience the power, control, and versatility that this signature distance driver has to offer. Upgrade your game and make each throw count with the stable Innova Beast distance driver in your bag.

    Innova Beast Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 10
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 2

    Beginner Friendly?: Somewhat

    Disc Type: Distance Driver

    Stability: Stable

    Plastic: Various options available

    Shot Types: Maximum distance, turnovers, tailwind throws

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