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11 products

    11 products
    Clash Discs Steady Cookie 176g Sand w/Chrome Stamp
    Clash Discs Steady Cookie 175g Yellow w/Magenta Stamp
    Clash Discs Cookie (Steady)
    Sold Out
    Clash Discs Ginger (Nikko Locastro Signature) 170g Mint w/Gold Stamp
    Clash Discs Ginger (Nikko Locastro Signature) 172g Mint w/Gold Stamp
    Clash Discs Ginger (Nikko Locastro Signature)
    Sold Out
    Clash Discs Wild Honey (Steady) 171g Aqua w/Gold Stamp
    Clash Discs Wild Honey (Steady) 174g Aqua w/Red Stamp
    Clash Discs Wild Honey (Steady)
    Clash Discs Soda (Steady) 171g Pink-ish w/Red Stamp
    Clash Discs Steady Soda 174g Purple w/Holographic Stamp
    Clash Discs Soda (Steady)
    Sold Out
    Clash Discs Berry (Steady) 179g Raspberry w/Holographic Stamp
    Clash Discs Berry (Steady)
    Clash Discs Pepper (Steady) 175g Purple w/Holographic Stamp
    Clash Discs Pepper (Steady) 177g Purple w/Holographic Stamp
    Clash Discs Pepper (Steady)
    Clash Discs Steady Popcorn 172g Orange w/Silver Shatter Stamp
    Clash Discs Steady Popcorn 171g Orange w/Holo Dots Stamp
    Clash Discs Popcorn (Steady)
    Clash Discs Mango (Steady) 172g Blue w/Teal Stamp (First Run)
    Clash Discs Mango (Steady) 174g Blue w/Teal Stamp (First Run)
    Clash Discs Mango (Steady)
    Clash Discs Mint (Steady) 175g Purple w/Gold Stamp
    Clash Discs Mint (Steady) 173g Purple w/Gold Stamp
    Clash Discs Mint (Steady)
    Clash Discs Peach (Steady) 171g Pink-ish w/Gold Stamp
    Clash Discs Peach (Steady) 175g Berry w/Purple Stamp
    Clash Discs Peach (Steady)
    Clash Discs Salt (Steady) 172g Orange w/Blue Stamp
    Clash Discs Salt (Steady) 172g Ivory w/Blue Holographic Stamp
    Clash Discs Salt (Steady)

    Fresh out of Finland, Clash Discs are manufactured in Vesuto Oy, a molding factory just south of Kontiolahti, where Clash is headquartered with Timo Nuutinen at the helm.

    This country is also home to popular disc golfing pros Henna Blomroos and Eveliina Salonen. In general, disc golf in Finland has been picking up some significant speed with no signs of slowing down. 

    The current Clash discs for sale are the Mango, Mint, Berry, Ginger, Pepper, and Popcorn molds, all of these are PDGA approved. With this flavorful lineup, we won't lie when we say they sound pretty darn good.

    Clash Discs History

    In early 2021, Clash Discs began with the creation of their putt and approach disc prototypes, which were received positively over the summer. They started selling locally in Finland and in larger European retailers by late 2021. Currently, only a couple of US-based retailers are available to search for these discs online. 

    As they're relatively new to the American and Canadian market, one of their putters has been gaining some attention. The Popcorn putter, available in their Hardy and Steady plastic, is described as a "salty-straight beadless putter" and has been seen in the hands of their most recently signed professional, Nikko Locastro. Other Finnish disc golf pros currently signed to Clash are Joonatan Häme, Olav Brekke, and Mindaugas Mažeika.

    Sidenote: You may have noticed Nikko throwing other brands, but it's not a scandal like you may think- it's part of his six-figure "open bag" contract with Clash. That, and also due to their limited lineup. Update: Nikko Locastro was dropped by Clash Discs in 2022. You can see a list of Clash Discs Sponsored Players here.

    Clash Distance Drivers

    • Wild Honey (stable/understable driver)
    • Pepper (overstable driver)
    • Salt (stable driver) 

    Clash Fairway Drivers

    • Ginger (overstable control driver)
    • Cookie (overstable fairway driver)
    • Soda (understable fairway driver)

    Clash Midranges

    • Mango (overstable midrange)
    • Berry (stable midrange)
    • Peach (understable midrange)

    Clash Putters & Approach

    • Mint (overstable approach)
    • Butter (stable putter)
    • Popcorn (stable putter)

    Steady plastic is a premium plastic with excellent grip, a flexible and somewhat gummy feel, and decent durability. It's not too stiff and feels somewhat like a cross between Star and GStar if you're looking for a comparison. Hardy plastic has a firmer, sturdier feel and pretty solid grip. Word on the street is that Clash also has a Glow plastic in the works.

    Still curious or want to know where to buy Clash discs? Shop the entire line of Clash Discs at Reaper Disc Supply!

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