Prodigy FX-4

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    2 products
    Prodigy FX-4 400 173g Pink w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy FX-4 400 174g Orange w/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy FX-4 400
    Prodigy 500 FX-4 174g Purple w/Rainbow Stamp
    Prodigy 500 FX-4 172g Orange-ish w/Snowflakes Stamp
    Prodigy 500 FX-4

    The Prodigy FX-4 is a fairway driver that offers a versatile flight path, making it an excellent addition to a variety of players' bags. With its stable to slightly understable nature, it provides great glide and a modest amount of turn, complemented by a gentle fade. Beginners will find it helpful for achieving distance, while advanced players will appreciate its utility for rollers, turnovers, and glidey hyzer shots.

    The FX-4's wider rim enables more speed and distance, allowing it to push further down the fairway. Power players will notice a neutral to understable flight with some rightward drift, whereas those with lower arm speeds will enjoy a straight trajectory with a mild finish. This disc is highly regarded for wooded courses due to its controllable distance and gentle turn at lower power throws.

    It's a disc that inspires confidence in forehand throws, flies straight like an arrow, and doesn't require maximum power to achieve an effective flight. Whether you're looking for a disc with more glide than an F5 or a dependable straight flyer for shorter drives, the FX-4 stands out for its controllability and versatility.

    Prodigy FX-4 Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 9
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 1
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