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    4 products
    MVP Electron Nomad 174g Electron Firm - Purple w/Black Stamp
    MVP Electron Nomad (Cosmic, Soft, Medium, Firm) 172g Electron Teal w/Black Stamp
    MVP Electron Nomad (Cosmic, Soft, Medium, Firm)
    MVP Plasma Nomad 167g Teal-ish w/Holographic Stamp
    MVP Plasma Nomad 171g Unique w/Holographic Stamp
    MVP Plasma Nomad
    MVP James Conrad Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad
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    MVP R2 Neutron Nomad 165g Black w/Silver Stamp
    MVP R2 Neutron Nomad 165g Black w/Silver Stamp
    MVP R2 Neutron Nomad

    MVP Nomad Review

    The Nomad is the first of 2021 World Champion James Conrad's signature line of discs. Designed with input from Conrad, this putter provides a comfortable hand feel and consistent straight flight within 60 feet of the basket. This MVP Nomad review covers one of the best primary putters in stock and for sale. 

    MVP Nomad Plastics

    • Electron: A soft, grippy, and somewhat stiff baseline plastic. Provides excellent hand feel for putt and approach discs. Electron discs will develop cosmetic damage while still maintaining flight characteristics. Also available in a more flexible "Soft Electron" variant. 
    • Neutron: MVP's "flagship blend," this durable premium plastic has a slick feel and a bit of flex. The Nomad is also produced in R2 Neutron, a recycled blend with a similar feel and performance. 
    • Plasma: An eye-catching blend with an iridescent sheen. It has similar durability and hand feel to Neutron.

    MVP Nomad Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 2
    • Glide: 4
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 1

    The Nomad has a neutral flight at low speeds, allowing controlled runs at the basket without risking punishing blow-bys and roll-aways. It is versatile at short range and will hold a baby anhyzer, a flat laser beam, or a forward-penetrating hyzer angle. The Nomad will provide a reliable flight and predictable results no matter your preferred putting style.

    As a thrower, the Nomad is not the best all-around performer. Conrad has long been considered one of the best putter throwers in the world. When Innova was his sponsor, he did incredible things throwing the Pro Aviar. He now uses the Axiom Envy and MVP Entropy for tee shots and upshots, while he reserves the Nomad for cashing putts. 


    • Diameter: 21.2cm
    • Height: 2.0cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.4cm
    • Rim Width: 1.1cm

    Comfort and feel are of primary importance on the putting green, and the Nomad is designed to inspire confidence at short range. While it has a small bead on the bottom of the rim, the overall profile is a bit shallower than popular molds such as the Innova Aviar (1.5cm rim depth), the Discmania P2 (1.6cm), and the Discraft Challenger (1.6cm). 

    Conrad helped engineer this mold to fit his specific putting grip. He uses a push-putt style, drawing power from his lower body to pop the disc to the target. The Nomad has a comfortable spot above the bead where Conrad rests his index finger, while the grippy and flat top provides an excellent surface for the opposing thumb. This lets the disc just "pop" out of his open hand. 


    Released in 2021, the Nomad is one of the newest additions to MVP's putter lineup. The company already has the most popular throwing putter in the world: the Axiom Envy. The Nomad is meant to be used on the putting green and is designed to hit the chains at short range. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    The Nomad is a great putter for any skill level, though beginners and lower-power players may find it more versatile as a thrower/putter combo. More advanced players will likely require a more stable torque-resistant option for tee shots and approaches.

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