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    MVP Neutron Relativity 175g Blue w/Black Stamp
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    MVP Neutron Relativity

    MVP Relativity Review

    Experience extended flights with the MVP Relativity, a distance driver that epitomizes controlled turnover and easy distance.

    This disc fits into the niche for players who seek a manageable high-speed driver. With its understable flight pattern, the Relativity excels in producing controllable turnovers, delicate rollers, and high-flying distance shots.

    The design allows it to land more often on the understable side of its launch point, while the high-speed configuration ensures an inevitable fade, preventing unwanted turnovers.

    The Relativity boasts a speed rating of 14, indicating it is part of the high-speed disc category, yet its understable nature makes it more accessible than most in its class.

    Relativity Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 14 | 5 | -3 | 1.5
    • Understable distance driver with a wide rim for high-speed throws
    • Enables controllable turnovers and rollers
    • Capable of achieving extra distance for players with moderate power
    • Ends with a reliable fade to prevent excessive turnover

    Players who may not possess a powerful drive can still enjoy satisfactory distance with the Relativity. It's designed to offer additional distance with less effort and is reliable for achieving a variety of shot types.

    When released on a hyzer angle, it will flip up to nearly flat, cruising forward before gently fading back, making it a favorite for those looking for that extended but not overly aggressive turn in their flight.

    The MVP Relativity also stands out as an exceptional option for rollers. Its ability to travel a remarkable distance when thrown as a roller adds a valuable dimension to a player's game, effectively allowing them to leverage this unpredictable throw to their advantage.

    With its accurate flight numbers, capacity for hyzer flips, and optimal performance as a roller, the MVP Relativity is a disc that brings an extra edge to the game for both the intermediate player looking to max out their distance and the advanced player who desires versatility on long-distance shots.

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