Prodigy A1 Overstable Approach Disc

3 products

    3 products
    Prodigy A1 300 172g Pink w/Green Shatter Stamp
    Prodigy A1 300 174g Purple w/Bronze Stamp
    Prodigy A1 300
    Prodigy A1 400 173g Aqua w/Rosegold Stamp
    Prodigy A1 400 171g Purple w/Red Stamp
    Prodigy A1 400
    Prodigy A1 500 171g Unique w/Red Stamp
    Prodigy A1 500 172g Unique w/Red Stamp
    Prodigy A1 500
    The Prodigy A1 is a highly reliable, overstable utility disc that bridges the gap between midranges and putters. Expertly designed for power throwers, the A1 ensures your shot won't turn over, even in challenging wind conditions. This disc is not only perfect for short upshots and windy approaches.

    The A1's unique design makes it one of the most overstable discs of its speed available today. Its performance characteristics make it a popular choice for players seeking an overstable disc that delivers controlled distance without the risk of turning over in windy conditions.

    The A1 is made in a variety of Prodigy's plastics that have exceptional grip and durability, making it a reliable choice even after years of use. It's a disc that can be trusted to perform consistently, making it an essential addition to any disc golfer's bag. Some of the plastics the A1 is made in are the 300-Line, 400-Line, 500-Line and 750-Line.

    Perfect for mastering overstable throws, the A1 provides a predictable flight path, flying straight for 150-200 feet before predictably fading out. This disc is not just for advanced players; beginners can also benefit from its consistent performance as long as they understand its characteristics.

    The Prodigy A1 is a versatile, dependable disc that offers a unique blend of stability and control, making it a valuable tool for a wide variety of shots and conditions.

    Prodigy A1 Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 3
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 3
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