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19 products

    19 products
    Prodigy Falcor 400 175g Blue w/Rainbow Proto Stamp
    Prodigy Falcor 400 174g Pink w/Pink Proto Stamp
    Prodigy Falcor 400 (Cale Leiviska)
    Prodigy Reverb 400 171g Pink w/Blue Star KJ Stamp
    Prodigy Reverb 400 177g Orange w/Rainbow KJ StampProdigy Reverb 400 177g Orange w/Rainbow KJ Stamp
    Prodigy Reverb 400 (Kevin Jones)
    Prodigy  D3 MAX 400 174g Blue w/Black Stamp
    Prodigy  D3 MAX 400 173g Orange w/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy D3 MAX 400
    Prodigy  M4 500 178g Purple w/Green-ish Stamp
    Prodigy  M4 500 178g Pink-ish w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy M4 500
    Prodigy  PX-3 300 (Prototype) 172g Grey w/Rainbow Jelly Bean Stamp
    Prodigy  PX-3 300 (Prototype) 173g Purple w/Red Stamp
    Prodigy PX-3 300 (Prototype)
    Prodigy  PX-3 300 (First Run) 174g Pink w/Blue Stars Stamp
    Prodigy  PX-3 300 (First Run) 173g Blue w/Green Stars
    Prodigy PX-3 300 (First Run)
    Prodigy F3 400 (Isaac Robinson Tour Series) 175g Blue-ish w/Green Stamp
    Prodigy F3 400 (Isaac Robinson Tour Series) 174g Pink w/Green Stamp
    Prodigy F3 400 (Isaac Robinson Tour Series)
    Prodigy FX-2 500 174g Pink w/Rose Gold Stamp
    Prodigy FX-2 500 171g Ivory w/Pink-ish/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy FX-2 500
    Prodigy D3 400 174g Blue w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy D3 400 172g Orange w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy D3 400
    Prodigy A1 300 172g Pink w/Green Shatter Stamp
    Prodigy A1 300 174g Purple w/Bronze Stamp
    Prodigy A1 300
    Prodigy A2 400 172g Aqua w/Teal Stamp
    Prodigy A2 400 171g Purple-ish w/Black Stamp
    Prodigy A2 400
    Prodigy  H1 V2 400 175g Turquoise w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy  H1 V2 400 172g Red w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy H1 V2 400
    Prodigy  D2 400 173g Blue w/Green Stamp
    Prodigy  D2 400 174g Orange w/Red Stamp
    Prodigy D2 400
    Prodigy F5 400 (Seppo Paju Tour Series) 175g Blue-ish w/Red Stamp
    Prodigy F5 400 (Seppo Paju Tour Series) 176g Pink-ish w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy F5 400 (Seppo Paju Tour Series)
    Prodigy A3 750 (Luke Humphries Tour Series) 170g Blue-ish w/White Stamp
    Prodigy A3 750 (Luke Humphries Tour Series) 171g Blue w/Pink Stamp
    Prodigy A3 750 (Luke Humphries Tour Series)
    Prodigy  X3 400 171g Grey-ish w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy  X3 400 174g Purple w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy X3 400
    Prodigy PA-3 350G
    Prodigy P Model US Duraflex (Austin Hannum Tour Series) 175g Green w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy P Model US Duraflex (Austin Hannum Tour Series) 174g Teal w/Rainbow Stamp
    Prodigy P Model US Duraflex (Austin Hannum Tour Series)
    Prodigy  D1 400 173g Blue w/Green Stamp
    Prodigy  D1 400 174g Green w/Pink Stamp
    Prodigy D1 400

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    Want to know more about the company before buying Prodigy disc golf discs?

    Headquartered in Woodstock, Georgia, Prodigy Discs arrived on the scene in 2013 with the sponsorship of the world’s most prominent disc golfers. Founded by Steve Greenwell and Michael Sullivan, Prodigy has had a history of scooping up highly notable disc golf professionals like Will Schusterick, who is now a part-owner.

    The Prodigy disc golf brand has been steadily growing and adding new discs to their arsenal while sponsoring players of all levels. Other notable Prodigy Tournament team members include Catrina Allen, Chris Dickerson, and Cale Leiviska, who signed a three-year extension earlier this year. 

    Prodigy’s disc naming convention is among the most approachable and understandable on the market. For example, Prodigy distance drivers are named D1, D2, D3, etc. with numbers representing the varying stability. Higher numbers represent the more understable-natured discs. 

    And it’s well-known that their plastics recipes are kept strictly under wraps. Latest speculations are that they’re made in an unknown facility in the area of Douglasville, GA. It’s rumored that the Prodigy disc factory is so secretive that the employees are mandated to turn off their cell phones’ “Location Services” when they arrive. 

    Prodigy offers a wide variety of plastic blends briefly described below: 

    200: This extremely versatile plastic is great for entry-level players looking to get into disc golf, as well as the pros who are looking to fine-tune their discs to their preferred level of beat. It has a similar feel to 300 Plastic, but less grippy.

    300: A durable blend of materials that is able to withstand solid impact but can be broken in over time. This is a popular choice for grippy putters and midrange discs.

    300 Soft: This softer blend is less firm than the standard 300, but still has the same durability. 

    350: This plastic was created with maximum glide in mind while still maintaining each mold’s unique flight characteristics. With a lower price point, this plastic flies great even in wet weather.

    350G: 16 months of research yielded this grippier, stiffer blend of the 350 Plastic. Its unique, tacky feel was created in a collaborative effort with disc golf Champions who sought a disc that would break in perfectly, throw after throw. 

    400: This premium blend is extremely durable and is considered tour-quality. It feels as good as it looks and is a favorite for those who play frequently in wooded courses. 

    Prodigy Air: Available in weights that span 148g to 162g, this innovative and high-quality plastic came from the 400 series base and is now a favorite of the pros. 

    400G: This amped-up version of the regular 400 plastic is mixed with another resin that yields more durability and longer break-in time.

    500: With a less gummy handfeel than 400 Plastic, this disc will give you a great grippy plastic feel due to its balance of firmness and flexibility. Disc golfers will enjoy the solidity of the rim, and eye-catching pearlescent finish.

    750: A high-tech blend of resins will provide a similar texture to the 400 series but with more firmness and extreme durability. 

    750G: Considered Prodigy’s most advanced plastic, this top-tier resin blend is sure to deliver a high performance on top of the standard maximum durability found in the 750 series.

    Some of the most popular disc models are the F3 and F5 Prodigy fairway driver, M4 Prodigy midrange disc, and A2 approach disc. Die hard fans of this brand will exalt the quality of their favorite disc and what they absolutely love about Prodigy Discs plastics, which are among some of the most popular out there right now. There will always be much heated discussion around the “simple” naming devices for their models, but the high quality golf discs and plastics production speaks for themselves. 

    Prodigy Discs is known for their full lineup of molds that allow players to perform highly and accurately in every situation. On top of their innovative line of discs, an ever-expanding collection of disc golf gear, accessories, equipment, and apparel is available online along with additional molds. Their bag collection ranges from professional-level travel bags to lightweight and affordable options for players who are new to the disc golf game. Apparel options come in long and short sleeved unisex fits, as well as a couple outerwear jackets, so you’ll be able to play comfortably in a variety of weather conditions.  

    Bag your next Prodigy disc and enjoy the confidence this innovative brand will give you on the course. 

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