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    MVP Plasma Motion 170g Green-ish w/Holographic Stamp
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    MVP Motion Review

    Step into the world of controlled power with the MVP Motion.

    This distance driver is built for those with a dominant throw, featuring overstability that can stand up to the most powerful of arms and resistance to high-speed turn during intense headwinds.

    Designed for a long straight travel followed by a pronounced fade, the Motion is ideal for advanced players who demand a reliable and consistent end-flight behavior.

    A speed rating of 9 ensures that while it's capable of covering distance, it prioritizes precision and controlled overstability over outright speed, making it an excellent fairway option.

    Motion Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 9 | 3.5 | 0 | 4
    • Substantial overstability ideal for strong arms and windy conditions
    • Consistent, reliable fade for pin-point accuracy
    • Forehand-friendly design with resistance to torque
    • Features MVP's signature GYRO™ technology for added stability and control

    The Motion is a disc that resists the urge to flip over, no matter the power behind the throw. It's especially useful for overhead shots and big-skipping hyzers, where its overstability can be used to achieve dramatic lines and clear obstacles. Similarly, forehand throwers will appreciate the tort resistance, which is particularly useful when navigating through tight windows or executing flex shots.

    Players who enjoy the MVP Resistor may find the Motion to be a complementary extended-distance option, while those looking for a utility driver that guarantees fade, regardless of the power behind it, will find the Motion to meet their needs perfectly.

    It's a disc that thrives in all conditions; the Motion's surety and fade make it a reliable partner on the course, impressing with its stable flight and dependable finish discernable by its trusted brand and advanced technology.

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