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    MVP Neutron Impulse

    MVP Impulse Review

    Unleash your game with the graceful understable flight of the MVP Impulse.

    The Impulse is known for its understable flight characteristics, offering a tantalizing option for those seeking to master hyzer flips and long turnovers. It's a distance driver that shines in the hands of players with moderate arm speed or those who simply want to enhance their distance with less effort.

    Its speed rating of 9 indicates that it's a versatile distance driver, capable of impressive glide and a manageable fade, especially suitable for tailwind conditions or for players looking to shape their shots in creative ways.

    Impulse Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 9 | 5 | -3 | 1
    • Understable flight ideal for easy distance and turnovers
    • Enjoyable for players with various skill levels—from beginner to advanced
    • Controllable in its hyzer-flip and turnover abilities
    • Offers a unique GYRO™ Push for a consistent finish

    With an astoundingly understable nature, the Impulse becomes an asset for those looking to max out on distance without maximum power. It's particularly graceful when thrown with a hyzer angle, flipping up to flat, soaring straight, and then subtly fading as it slows down.

    Even lower-powered players can achieve long, straight flights with the Impulse, making it a bridge between midranges and higher-speed distance drivers for growing skill sets.

    While it may not cater to those with stronger arm speeds seeking a more stable flight pattern, its lower fade rating allows it to maintain a straight line longer before its descent, making it an excellent choice for finesse shots where accuracy and dance through the air are coupled with ease of use.

    The MVP Impulse also serves as an excellent roller disc for advanced players or as a mainstay for controlled anhyzers that glide effortlessly down the fairway. Embrace the Impulse for those nuanced shots where disc control and less power yield the best distance.

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