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    MVP Neutron Phase 174g Blue w/Black Stamp
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    MVP Neutron Phase

    MVP Phase Review

    Step into wind-fighting territory with the MVP Phase, a distance driver that won't falter in the face of a headwind.

    As the more overstable relative of the already reliable Photon, the Phase offers a dependable solution for players with a powerful forehand or for those facing windy conditions. Its flight is designed to offer minimal turn and a robust fade, solidifying its role as an essential element in a strong-armed player's arsenal.

    The Phase boasts a speed rating of 11, making it swift enough to hit those longer shots while maintaining a steadfast path throughout any windy scenario or power throw.

    Phase Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 11 | 3.5 | 0 | 4
    • Very overstable, ideal for significant wind resistance and power throws
    • Impeccable consistency, offering the same performance throw after throw
    • Excellent for forehand shots and those needing a hard fade
    • Constructed with durable Neutron plastic for a long-lasting performance

    The Phase commands authority with its overstable flight characteristics, delivering a reassuring fade that disc golfers can count on, regardless of the power behind their throw. Even in strong headwinds, this disc remains loyal to its flight path, refusing to turn over or stray from its intended line.

    It's particularly well-suited for forehand throwers who need a disc that can handle their torque, as well as for players who require a driver with a powerful end fade for navigating tight corners or for those who demand that the disc would finish left (for right-handed backhand) or right (for right-handed forehand) with certainty.

    For those who seek a utility disc that offers predictability no matter the conditions, the MVP Phase is a solid candidate that resonates with trustworthiness. On a course where the wind is an ever-present challenger, the Phase stands out as a reliable competitor.

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