Discraft Avenger SS

5 products

    5 products
    Discraft ESP Avenger SS 173g-174g Blue-ish w/Orange Confetti Stamp
    Discraft ESP Avenger SS 160g-163g Unique w/Orange Confetti Stamp
    Discraft ESP Avenger SS
    Discraft Z Avenger SS 170g-172g Purple w/Black Stamp
    Discraft Z Avenger SS 173g Aqua w/Purple Roses Stamp
    Discraft Z Avenger SS
    Discraft Z-Line Fly Dye Avenger SS 173g-174g Dye w/Holo Leopard Stamp
    Discraft Z-Line Fly Dye Avenger SS 173g-174g Multicolor w/Holo Dots Stamp
    Discraft Z-Line Fly Dye Avenger SS
    Discraft Big Z Avenger SS (Ledgestone) 170g-172g Purple w/Winter Sunset Stamp
    Discraft Big Z Avenger SS (Ledgestone) 173g-174g Blue w/Rainbow Shatter Stamp
    Discraft Big Z Avenger SS (Ledgestone)
    Discraft X Avenger SS 164g-166g Cream w/Blue Shatter Stamp
    Discraft X Avenger SS 170g-172g Aqua w/Black Stamp
    Discraft X Avenger SS
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    Discraft Avenger SS Review

    The Avenger SS is one of the best beginner-friendly distance drivers in stock now. In Discraft terminology, the "SS" stands for "Super Straight." This disc promises long, fast, and straight flight paths for beginners and intermediate players. This Discraft Avenger SS review will help you decide which Avenger SS on sale is right for you. 

    Discraft Avenger SS Plastics

    This classic mold has been produced in a wide variety of Discraft plastic blends. 

    • Z Line: A stiff, slick, translucent, and very durable blend. The Avenger SS has less turn and more fade in this plastic. 
    • Big Z: Virtually identical to Z Line, the Big Z has a slightly gummier hand feel and a more opaque look.
    • Titanium: A very stiff blend that has maximum durability. Discs generally fly more overstable in this plastic. 
    • ESP: Solid durability but with a more flexible and softer hand feel. Discs generally fly close to their posted fight numbers in ESP. 
    • CryZtal: Z Line blend that is more translucent and less opaque. Runs of the Heat in this plastic have extra stability. 
    • FLX: Z FLX and ESP FLX are very flexible and gummy versions of regular blends. Discs have better grip and fly more understable in FLX.
    • Pro D: Baseline plastic with excellent grip but very low durability. Good for putters and mids, but prone to extreme warping for wide-rimmed high-speed drivers. 
    • X Line: X Line has an excellent grip with slightly more durability than Pro D. Discs will fly more understable and break in very quickly in this blend.

    Discraft Avenger SS Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 10
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -3
    • Fade: 1

    The Avenger SS has the generous turn and extended glide that lower-power players need to keep the disc gliding down the fairway. Release it with a bit of hyzer, and it will flip flat and stay straight before finishing with a gentle fade. A flat release will produce some anhyzer drift before finishing back to center. Power up on it a bit to throw controlled turnovers at long distances. 


    • Diameter: 21.4cm
    • Height: 1.8cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
    • Rim Width: 1.9cm

    While it doesn't have as much dome as its fellow understable distance driver the Heat, the Avenger SS still has quite a tall profile. It also has a large diameter for drivers in this class. This combination of dome and overall width gives the Avenger SS good glide potential. The 1.9cm wide rim will fit comfortably in any hand. 


    The Avenger SS debuted in 2008, three years after the overstable distance driver the Avenger hit the market. The "SS" has proven to have more staying power, as the Avenger went out of production a few years ago. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    The Avenger SS is a perfect introduction to the distance driver category.  

    • Novice: Solid option for players working their way up the speed ladder. Will fly neutral to slightly overstable for true beginners, especially in premium plastics. 
    • Intermediate: All-around workhorse that could be a go-to option, especially in the woods. It will fly dead straight with a controllable hyzer-flip for players at this skill level. 
    • Advanced: Complimentary option for turnovers and anhyzer drifting shots. Excellent gap-hitter, as players can dial back the power and still get long straight gliding flights. 
    • Pro:  Niche disc for rollers and trick shots.
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