Kastaplast Grym

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    3 products
    Kastaplast K1 Grym 176g Yellow w/Green Sparkles Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Grym 175g Blue w/Teal Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Grym
    Kastaplast K1 Grym (Reaper Edition) 172g Purple w/Blue Shatter Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Grym (Reaper Edition) 172g Purple w/White Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Grym (Reaper Edition)
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    Kastaplast K1 Glow Grym 173g Glow w/ Purple Stamp
    Kastaplast K1 Glow Grym

    Kastaplast Grym Review

    The Grym is a fast yet workable maximum-distance driver designed to fly further with less effort. It has the extra flip and extended glide that developing players need to sail past their current distance plateau. We have plenty of Gryms in stock, and this Kastaplast Grym review will help determine which one for sale is right for you.

    Kastaplast Grym Plastics

    Disc aficionados revere Kastaplast for its comfortable yet durable plastic blends. Every company claims it has the highest-quality plastic, but in the case of Kastaplast, it may be true.

    • K1: Combines exceptional durability with a soft and grippy feel. While many premium plastics have a stiff and slick texture, Kastaplast threads the needle to produce an ultra-tough blend that maintains some flex and a comfortable hand feel.
    • K1 Soft: A gummier, more flexible blend that provides a better grip in cold or wet conditions.
    • K1 Glow: A bright and long-lasting glow that will stay lit for several holes of night golf. Reviewers note that the Grym flies more understable in this plastic.

    Kastaplast Grym Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 13
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 2

    The Grym is a neutral driver for players with moderate power and an understable bomber for power arms. This disc requires a good amount of snap to activate the full -2 turn. It is a classic "stepping stone" driver that helps developing players climb the distance ladder. The Grym will progressively get more turn and glide as your throwing form improves.


    • Diameter: 21.1cm
    • Height: 1.8cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.1cm
    • Rim Width: 2.2cm

    The Grym's shallow rim is standard amongst understable distance drivers. The 2.2cm rim width is about as thick as it gets before players with smaller hands start to feel uncomfortable. It generally has a low profile and a relatively flat top, but this seems to vary somewhat over the years, with some reviewers stating that some runs have an inverted "puddle" top.


    Kastaplast released its first disc, the Rask, in 2014. The Grym, along with the Kaxe and the very popular Berg, appeared the following year. The company has built a reputation for innovative designs and the highest quality plastics.

    Skill Level Recommendations

    • Novice: The wide rim and extra speed make the Grym a bad option for true beginners.
    • Intermediate: An excellent introduction to the maximum distance driver category. The Grym is workable with a reliable finish for players at this skill level.
    • Advanced: Understable driver for straight-line drives, long turnovers, and tailwind bombs. Provides maximum distance in perfect conditions.
    • Pro: Most pros prefer the Grym's overstable counterpart, the Grym-X.
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