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    3 products
    Legacy Icon Rival 175g White w/Winter Stamp
    Legacy Icon Rival
    Legacy Icon Bandit 173g Pink w/Black Stamp
    Legacy Icon Bandit 173g Red w/Black Stamp
    Legacy Icon Bandit
    Legacy Icon Patriot 175g Blue w/Red Stamp
    Legacy Icon Patriot 174g Blue w/Black Stamp
    Legacy Icon Patriot

    For the past six years, Legacy Discs has been manufacturing high-quality discs for disc golf enthusiasts. Owned and operated by the Rico family in Sylmar, California, the history of the company started in the mid-’80s. They were originally just disc golfers passionate about the game, then eventually growing to encompass grassroots organizing and promoting disc golf all over Southern California. In 2010, the Rico brothers’ desire to influence the tournament circuit led to the eventual birth of their first disc, the beastly 14-speed Rampage distance driver, which is still widely popular today. 

    Among their other notable and popular discs are the Cannon, another high-speed driver, and the Mongoose and Patriot, both understable fairway drivers. There’s nothing on the market quite like the Rampage and the Cannon distance drivers, and if you have the arm and form for them, they’ll both be able to hold their incredible flight pattern in a headwind, making them favorites for power throwers everywhere. 

    The Patriot fairway driver is frequently lauded as one of the most consistent molds in any plastic and is exceptional on wooded courses. Super flat and durable with a predictable flight, it’s workable for almost any shot and is a favorite for many Legacy Discs fans. It’s often paired with the Legacy Rival for a solid combination on the course.

    Even though it’s a small company, Legacy Discs has a devoted and hardcore fanbase (some may even say its got a bit of a cult following), and perhaps that is due to it also being a smaller lineup as well as somewhat difficult to find outside for sale outside of California. They also have high collector value due to small releases and runs of limited edition discs with coveted collector stamps. 

    Popular opinion will state that many Legacy molds have a feel that is similar to Innova but with a few improvements. However, when it comes to the actual plastic, diehard Legacy fans will maintain that their blends make the best discs. Let’s dive into breaking down Legacy Discs’ plastics. 

    Skyline: This series is a blend between the Icon and Pinnacle mixed with special additives, yielding a lighter overall weight. This injection gives the outer rim a more consistent, balanced feel, and will display similar durability and grip characteristics with Legacy’s premium offerings. The Skyline was created to give extra distance with less effort for players. With the lighter weight, you can expect the discs to be less stable than heavier ones in the Legacy line.

    Ultralight: This popular blend stems from the Protege base and while it has similar flight characteristics, it’s lighter in weight and also more affordable. This blend suits both newer and experienced players as it is easy to throw, glides well, and comes in several molds. 

    Excel: Somewhat rigid with a nice grip, this edition is a great starting point for those new to disc golf as it breaks in relatively quickly. 

    Gravity: Softer than the Protege, this blend is a tackier and more flexible option for players looking to build confidence in their game. Gravity is offered in Legacy putters and midrange discs. 

    Protege: More rigid than the Gravity blend, this stiffer blend allows disc golfers to season the disc to their liking. Great for putters and will give a clean release. 

    Pinnacle: Highly durable with high-speed capabilities, this resin blend will allow you to hold consistent flight patterns regardless of the chosen mold. With such a long life span, you’ll have plenty of time to break it into your liking. It is the most overstable plastic offering from Legacy.

    Icon: As Legacy’s most grippy polypropylene blend, there’s no compromise on flight speed either. It is an extremely durable mix that has the fastest flight, making it an awesome addition to your bag on those windy days. This plastic is pretty understable as well. 

    Legacy’s Tournament team page on their website lists long-time players like Steve Rico and Jerry Goff, as well as popular favorites like Patrick Brown and Alexander Lyon. If you think you’ve got what it takes, applications are open to join Team Legacy and further the sport for all. This is a company that holds its players’ input to a high regard, and channels that passion into creating unforgettable discs that are highly coveted.

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