Prodigy H7: Understable Control Driver

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    2 products
    Prodigy H7 400 174g Orange w/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy H7 400 176g Orange w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy H7 400
    Prodigy 500 H7 174g White w/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy 500 H7 173g Lavender w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy 500 H7

    The Prodigy H7 is an understable control driver that's great for long turnover shots and hyzerflips. The H7's high-speed design helps players with slower arm speeds reach farther distances, while stronger throwers can use it for achieving hyzerflips, turnovers, and rollers. Ideal for maintaining anhyzer lines without fading out, the H7 thrives in tight woods where shaping shots around obstacles is crucial.

    Currently the H7 is available in two plastic variations: the Prodigy 400 H7 and the 500 H7.

    Prodigy H7 Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 9
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -4
    • Fade: 1
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