Prodigy A2 Approach Disc

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    3 products
    Prodigy A2 400 172g Aqua w/Teal Stamp
    Prodigy A2 400 171g Purple-ish w/Black Stamp
    Prodigy A2 400
    Prodigy 500 A2 170g Purple w/White Stamp
    Prodigy 500 A2 170g Pink w/Rosegold Stamp
    Prodigy 500 A2
    Prodigy A2 200 172g Blue w/Red Stamp
    Prodigy A2 200 171g Pink w/Bronze Stamp
    Prodigy A2 200
    The Prodigy Disc A2 is a beadless, overstable approach disc that effortlessly bridges the gap between midranges and putters. With a speed rating of 4, glide of 4, and a fade of 3, the A2 is perfect for power throwers who want to avoid their shot turning over. It's a reliable disc for all wind conditions, excelling in short trick shots and high-wind approach shots.

    The A2 is slightly less stable than its cousin, the A1, but it boasts an extra 30 to 40 feet of glide. It is a popular choice for players needing a disc they can trust in headwinds. The A2 has a shallow, flat top, making it comfortable for both forehand and backhand approaches.

    Available in various plastic types, the A2's performance can be tailored to your preference. The 300 plastic version starts off overstable but becomes a straight flyer with some fade at the end after some use. The 400 and 500 plastic versions are more durable and maintain their overstable characteristics longer.

    In short, the A2 is a dependable, versatile disc that offers a unique blend of stability and control, making it a valuable tool for a wide variety of shots and conditions. If you are an experienced player, you are going to love the Prodigy A2!

    Prodigy A2 Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 4
    • Glide: 4
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 3
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