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    MVP Neutron Ohm

    MVP Ohm Review

    Introducing the MVP Ohm, a true straight-shooter in the realm of putt and approach discs.

    The Ohm combines high glide with a stable, straightforward flight path, allowing for laser-like precision whether it's off the tee, in the fairway, or approaching the basket. It is designed to fly akin to the popular Streamline Pilot, but with the added benefit of MVP's GYRO® rim for extra stability.

    With a gentle speed of 2, the Ohm is accessible to all player levels, perfect for those who prefer a disc that offers straight flight and minimal fade.

    Ohm Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 2 | 5 | 0 | 1
    • Stable flight characteristics suitable for precision approaches
    • Enhanced GYRO® effect for consistent straight flight
    • Neutron plastic offers durability and a comfortable grip
    • Relatively low fade, allowing it to hold the line throughout the flight

    Players love the Ohm for its ability to maintain a true line, making it a fantastic disc for putting and straight drives with much glide. It's also an excellent option for forehand throwers or those who struggle with putters, thanks to its straight flight path and manageable fade.

    What truly sets the Ohm apart is its impressive glide. It seems to stay aloft effortlessly, carrying forward momentum and offering great potential for those just beyond putt range. The effect is a putter that can double efficiently for upshots and drives on shorter holes, providing a trustworthy and versatile tool.

    The Ohm is a top choice for stable, natural-feeling throws, and it feels right at home in the hands of both new and experienced players. If you're looking for a putter that behaves exactly as you'd expect, offering up unfailing straight shots with a subtle finish, look no further than the MVP Ohm.

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