Prodigy F7 Understable Fairway Driver

3 products

    3 products
    Prodigy Air F7 158g Orange-ish w/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy Air F7 158g Orange-ish w/Purple Stamp
    Prodigy Air F7
    Prodigy 400 F7 169g Pink-ish w/Blue Stamp
    Prodigy 400 F7 169g Lavender w/White Stamp
    Prodigy 400 F7
    Prodigy 500 F7 175g Berry w/Black Stamp
    Prodigy 500 F7 176g Orange w/Black Stamp
    Prodigy 500 F7

    The Prodigy F7 is a highly understable fairway driver, ideal for beginners and players seeking a versatile disc. Available in Prodigy's entire line of plastic, it offers effortless distance, hyzer flips, and easy rollers. The F7's Easy Release technology makes it particularly suitable for recreational players and those aiming for turnover shots. This disc is highly controllable and can achieve a full flight at just 60% power. It's a great choice for hyzer flips, turnover shots, and rollers.

    The F7 is also effective for standstill or patent pending shots where you need to hit a gap but still achieve some distance. Whether you're a beginner seeking an easy-to-throw driver or an experienced player looking for a reliable utility disc, the F7 offers a unique blend of performance characteristics that can enhance your game.

    Prodigy F7 Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 7
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -3
    • Fade: 1
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