Prodigy Reverb Kevin Jones Distance Driver

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    2 products
    Prodigy Reverb 400 (Kevin Jones) 174g Purple w/Holo Pattern Stamp
    Prodigy Reverb 400 (Kevin Jones) 174g Orange w/Black Stamp
    Prodigy Reverb 400 (Kevin Jones)
    Prodigy Reverb 500 (Kevin Jones) 174g Blue w/Rainbow Stamp
    Prodigy Reverb 500 (Kevin Jones) 172g Lavender w/Rainbow Stamp
    Prodigy Reverb 500 (Kevin Jones)

    The Prodigy Reverb is a powerful overstable distance driver, the result of a collaboration with Kevin Jones. With flight ratings of 13|5|0|3.5, it's designed to hold a line for the majority of its flight before its dependable fade kicks in.

    This high-speed, high-stability disc is ideal for utility drives, wind deflection, and power handling. It's particularly well-suited for players who can consistently achieve distances over 400 feet.

    The Reverb's glide ensures it doesn't crash as it slows down, unlike some overstable distance drivers. This makes it an excellent choice for windy conditions or for shots requiring a significant fade. The Reverb's comfortable grip and consistent performance make it a go-to disc for long left finishes.

    Whether you're a Prodigy plastic fan or simply looking for a reliable, overstable distance driver, the Reverb is a worthy addition to your bag.

    Prodigy Reverb Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 13
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 3.5
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