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    3 products
    Discraft Big Z Zeus 173g-174g Hot Pink-ish w/Chrome Stamp
    Discraft Big Z Zeus
    Discraft ESP Zeus 167g-169g Blue-ish w/Holo Pattern Stamp
    Discraft ESP Zeus 173g-174g Pink/Purple w/Green Lasers Stamp
    Discraft ESP Zeus
    Discraft Paul McBeth 6x Claw ESP Zeus 173g-174g Pink w/Party Time Stamp
    Discraft Paul McBeth 6x Claw ESP Zeus 173g-174g Unique w/Wintersunset Stamp
    Discraft Paul McBeth 6X Claw ESP Zeus

    Discraft Zeus Review

    The Zeus is a versatile maximum-distance driver that balances power, speed, and control. A workhorse disc meant for serious players, the Zeus is workable for big arms and slightly overstable for average power players. We have plenty of them in stock now, and this brief Discraft Zeus review will help determine which Zeus on sale is right for you.

    Discraft Zeus Plastics

    • Z Line: A stiff, slick, and translucent blend that is very durable. Runs of the Zeus in this plastic have a bit less turn and a more reliable fade. All the Z line plastics become slippery in wet conditions.
    • Big Z: Virtually identical to Z Line, the Big Z has a slightly gummier hand feel, a more opaque look, and more intricate stamp designs. 
    • ESP: Solid durability but with a more flexible and softer hand feel. The Zeus flies true to the flight numbers in ESP. 
    • Signature ESP: The same ESP plastic but with commemorative Paul McBeth stamps.
    • ESP Swirl: ESP with a swirl pattern added. Functionally the same as ESP, the Swirl is purely an aesthetic difference.

    Discraft Zeus Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 12
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -1 
    • Fade: 3

    The Zeus' combination of subtle turn and aggressive finish make it ideal for accurate shot shaping at high speeds. It requires above-average power to activate the turn and glide. A flat release will yield a bit of mid-flight anhyzer drift. As it loses momentum, a reliable hyzer fade will take over. 

    The mid-flight workability paired with the predictable hyzer finish makes the Zeus special. Pro-level players can put the Zeus out to 450 feet on controlled hyzer, and well past 500 feet with some flex or hyzer-flip, all while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. The Zeus also ages well, and will continue to develop extra turn and glide as it takes damage. 


    • Diameter: 21.1cm
    • Height: 1.6cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
    • Rim Width: 2.3cm

    These are pretty standard specs for an all-around distance driver. The Zeus has a bit of dome on top, but nothing too extreme. In general, it has a medium profile that feels comfortable for most players. However, those with smaller hands might prefer a slightly thinner and shallower rim for maximum control. 


    The Zeus is one of 6-time World Champion Paul McBeth's personal line of discs. The 2019 test run was originally called the Kong, but was renamed the Zues when released in full production. After throwing the Destroyer at Innova, McBeth needed an equivalent disc when he transitioned to Discraft. With identical flight characteristics, the Zeus filled that need. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    The Zeus is best for experienced players with above-average power. Those with a solid understanding of how to manipulate release angles will get the most out of this disc. 

    • Novice: Its high speed and wide rim make the Zeus difficult to control for beginners. Will be very overstable for players with low arm speed. 
    • Intermediate: Players with natural speed and snap can use the Zeus as an overstable utility option but not an every-hole workhorse.
    • Advanced: Versatile disc that can be an all-around centerpiece in the distance driver category. Advanced players can bag multiple versions of this mold in different stages of wear to cover various shot shapes and situations.
    • Pro: The Zeus is a staple in the bag of several Discraft pros, most notably Paul McBeth. Those with top-end power will supplement the Zues with a more overstable option, such as the Force or Venom. 

    Performance in Conditions


    Fast discs with strong fade are generally not suited for heavy woods. On tight fairways, the Zeus is handy for pure hyzer lines and low ceiling shots that require a big skip on the finish. However, it will be challenging to keep it on a straight line or a drifting anhyzer. A beat-up ESP Zeus may develop enough flip to carve up the woods, but there are generally better options. 


    The Zeus holds up well in moderate headwinds and will ride tailwinds when thrown with some anhyzer. Lower power players could utilize the Zeus as an overstable wind fighter, while power arms will need something that is more high-speed stable to make confident throws in windy conditions. 


    The Zeus will climb moderate-sized slopes with ease, but for extreme uphill lines, a more understable disc will generate more distance. It can ride its subtle turn and big glide for huge distances on downhill lines, though be careful not to under throw it and allow the strong fade to take over too early. 

    Disc Comparisons

    Innova Destroyer

    The Zeus is often referred to as a Destroyer clone. Is that true? Well, it depends. Destroyers are produced on such a massive scale that there is a lot of variation between runs. All big market discs suffer from this to some degree, but the Destroyer is notorious for it. The Zeus, in contrast, has a bit less variance. These two feel very similar in the hand and have identical flight characteristics.

    Discraft Force

    The Force is a precursor to the Zeus. Before the latter came around, the former was a favorite control distance driver for power players. It is more overstable than the Zeus, and will hold the angle of release without turning. The Zeus is easier to shape on a variety of lines, while the Force is more predictable. 

    Discraft Nuke

    The Nuke has similar flight characteristics but with a wider rim. In fact, the Nuke has a 2.5cm rim width, the maximum allowed by the PDGA. This gives it extra speed along with a very different hand feel. If you crave obscene speed, the Nuke is for you. But for control and accuracy, the Zeus is a better bet. 

    Discraft Hades

    The Hades is also part of the McBeth signature line of discs, and it is a much more beginner-friendly distance driver. Far more understable and with a shallow hand feel, the Hades is better for intermediate and beginner players who want to work their way up to the Zeus. For advanced arms, it is an understable complement to the Zeus. 

    Discraft Anax

    Another in the McBeth line, the Anax is a distance/fairway hybrid that is slower than the Zeus but provides exceptional control and accuracy. It has more glide and less fade, making it a better option for straight shots and tight fairways. A beat-up Anax will perform hyzer flips and dead straight flight paths. 

    Discmania DD3

    The DD3 is Discmania's workhorse distance driver, and does most of things the Zeus and Destroyer can do. It may be more understable for some arms, but all in all it's an equivalent disc. 

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