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    MVP Neutron Relay 168g Blue w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Relay 174g Teal-ish w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Relay
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    MVP Cosmic Neutron Relay 172g Green-ish w/Black Stamp
    MVP Cosmic Neutron Relay 172g Purple/Green w/Black Stamp
    MVP Cosmic Neutron Relay

    MVP Relay Review

    The easy-to-throw Relay perfectly blends a mid-range's controlled straight flight and a fairway driver's speed and distance. Beginners and intermediate-level players will "relay" appreciate its smooth and steady flight, particularly on tightly wooded fairways. This MVP Relay review covers one of the most beginner-friendly discs in stock and for sale. 

    MVP Relay Plastics

    • Neutron: MVP's "flagship blend," this durable premium plastic has a slick feel and a bit of flex. 
    • Plasma: An eye-catching blend with an iridescent sheen. It has similar durability and hand feel to Neutron.

    MVP Relay Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 6
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 1

    The Relay is a straight-flier at low speeds and an easy-turning shot-shaper at high speeds. It doesn't take much power to get it up to cruising velocity, making it an excellent first driver for new players who just need to keep it in the fairway. The Relay makes for a great developmental disc, as players will learn to throw hyzer-flips and turnovers as their power improves. 


    • Diameter: 21.2cm
    • Height: 1.5cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
    • Rim Width: 1.6cm

    The Relay's easy-to-grip rim pairs perfectly with its neutral flight characteristics. Players of all shapes and sizes can get a good hold of the relatively thin 1.6cm rim. This is as thin as a rim gets in the driver category, while the shallow 1.5cm height only makes it easier to get ahold of this low-profile disc.  


    The Relay debuted in 2015 and was soon joined by the more understable Signal in their 6-speed driver class. The Axiom Crave continues to be their most popular and well-reviewed fairway driver. Still, the Relay remains a great option for new players and is an excellent introduction to MVP's patented "gyro" overmold technology. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    • Novice: Excellent first workhorse driver for beginners and low-power players. 
    • Intermediate: An understable shot-shaper for hyzer-flips, turnovers, and dead straight shots with little to no fade. 
    • Advanced/Pro: Too slow and understable to hold a permanent spot in the bag. Where beginners use a Relay, higher-power players will likely reach for one of their midranges.
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