MVP Anode

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    3 products
    MVP Electron Anode (Cosmic, Soft, Medium, Firm) 174g Electron Firm Pink w/Black Stamp
    MVP Electron Anode 174g Electron Firm - Pink-ish
    MVP Electron Anode (Cosmic, Soft, Medium, Firm)
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    MVP R2 Neutron Anode 171g Black w/Silver Stamp
    MVP R2 Neutron Anode 165g Black w/Silver Stamp
    MVP R2 Neutron Anode
    MVP Neutron Anode 172g Orange w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Anode 172g Blue w/Black Stamp
    MVP Neutron Anode

    MVP Anode Review

    Enter the realm of dependability: the MVP Anode.

    This beadless putter is a true flyer, meant for those who value a straight path above all. The Anode excels in the putter's primary role of sinking baskets, but it's also incredibly adept as an approach disc. With its ability to hold any line with minimal fade, it's a model of consistency and control.

    Sporting a comfortable speed of 3, the Anode is an easy addition to any player's arsenal, demanding little power but promising great precision in return.

    Anode Key Features:

    • Flight Numbers: 3 | 3 | 0 | 0.5
    • Firm feel with a beadless design for a clean release
    • Ultra-straight flying both for putts and approaches
    • Available in an array of plastics, including grippy Electron
    • Minimal fade, making it a reliable straight putter

    The Anode's superb straight flight is what stands out the most, making it a favorite among players who appreciate a predictable approach trajectory. This beadless putter caters to the universal preference for a smooth, direct line to the chains or layup. It's the putter you reach for when the wind is down, and you need to hit that bullseye.

    Apart from its excellent flight characteristics, the Anode stands tall in MVP's lineup, with various plastic options that cater to differing tactile preferences and weather conditions. The Electron Soft plastic, in particular, offers that extra grip for a firm hold and a gentle landing near the basket.

    While it might not handle strong winds like some of its overstable counterparts, the MVP Anode is an essential tool for those clear days on the green, where every throw counts, and the straightest path is king.

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